Groep Haeck uses SD-WAN to streamline connectivity management

Published on 27/04/2022 in Customer Stories

From the administrative staff to the technicians working with diagnostic equipment in the workshop: at Groep Haeck, SD-WAN guarantees the connectivity stability that car dealerships require.

Groep Haeck uses SD-WAN to streamline connectivity management

Groep Haeck & Partners is a dealer for the Opel and KIA car brands. The group also includes a branch of MyCar and a body shop. The group’s branches in Ghent, Eeklo and Knesselare are connected via Proximus’ Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN). SD-WAN is used to send data across a network via the most optimal routing. It is a layer of software that sits on top of your network to manage traffic between locations and people effectively. SD-WAN seamlessly integrates with your MPLS network such as Explore.

SD-WAN lets you allocate extra bandwidth to the applications that are critical for your business. “Our dealer software has been running in the Cloud for some time now,” says ICT manager Wim Van Geert. “The software includes all administration, ranging from appointment management to invoicing.”

However, working in the Cloud requires a stable, reliable Internet connection. “That we did not have,” said Wim. The impact was greater than we had expected, including in the workshops. “Modern cars are cramful of technology. Maintenance very often includes diagnoses and updates. That makes a stable internet connection crucial. If the Internet goes down during a diagnosis, that can cause damage. We then have to order spare parts, which means the customer has to be without their car for a few more days.”

Working in the Cloud requires a stable, reliable Internet connection. If our connection is down, 4G takes over seamlessly.

Wim Van Geert, ICT manager at Groep Haeck & Partners

Redundancy for internet and telephony

Because Groep Haeck’s previous internet provider could not solve the problem, the company turned to Proximus. “That’s how we ended up with a total solution,” said Wim. “Proximus also offers us fixed and mobile telephony, including the leasing of the mobile devices.” Internet break-out was added to this with a mobile connection via 4G backup. If the Internet connection is down, 4G takes over seamlessly. “But so far, that has not been necessary,” said Wim. Groep Haeck now has a stable and reliable connection.

In addition, Groep Haeck also opted for a redundant expansion of its telephony. To make sure it is reachable by phone at all times, Groep Haeck uses Voice Managed Services (VMS) from Proximus. “The system acts as a back-up for our telephony. When our telephone exchange was down recently for some adjustments, we took calls from customers via VMS. That meant that there was no disruption to telephone traffic.”

Total solution managed via SD-WAN

The management and security of connectivity is done via SD-WAN which controls the use of Group Haeck's various networks, such as the Internet connection, 4G and Wi-Fi network. SD-WAN makes this possible without Groep Haeck having to invest in its own network management expertise. The network is also more secure which means one less thing for the in-house IT team to worry about.

It is important that we always have the right connectivity. SD-WAN deals with the management thereof.

Wim Van Geert, ICT manager at Groep Haeck & Partners

Ready for a digital future

“It is important for us that we always have the right connectivity,” said Wim. “We now have guaranteed access to company applications running in the cloud as is the use of Wi-Fi or the separate Wi-Fi network for visitors. It’s about being able to offer our customers the high level of service they have come to expect.” Connectivity is indispensable in this and – thanks to SD-WAN and Proximus – always guaranteed at Groep Haeck. “In this way, we are ready for the future,” Wim concluded, “because, in our sector too, there is more and more digitization.”

Groep Haeck & Partners operates dealerships for the Opel and KIA car brands, with branches in Ghent, Eeklo and Knesselare. The group has 60 employees.

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