Digital signage & in-room TV for more experience at Plopsa parks

Published on 20/06/2022 in Customer Stories

The Plopsa Group wants a total experience for families and B2B customers in its theme parks. Hence the digital signage and in-room TV experience at the Plopsa Hotel. Virtual greetings by Van Leemhuyzen, for example, now instantly set the right mood.

Digital signage & in-room TV for more experience at Plopsa parks

The Plopsa Hotel opened its doors in June last year. The four-star plus hotel, with 117 rooms, including themed luxury suites, offers families and other guests an unforgettable experience. "The concept for our meeting rooms, combined with the thrill of our roller coasters and other attractions, clearly appeals to corporate clients," explains Commercial Director Sebastien Momerency.

Digital signage offers additional information

Plopsa Group, the theme park division of Studio 100, focuses on experiences in every sense. At the Plopsa Hotel, digitalization plays an important role in this. The screens at the reception and in the lifts serve different purposes. "They are an important source of information for our guests," explains Sebastien Momerency. "When checking in, families can immediately see which shows are available. But we welcome companies and their guests the same way."

Our digital screens are an important source of information for our guests and also provide additional entertainment.

Sebastien Momerency is Commercial Director at Plopsa Group

Digital signage for more entertainment

Digital signage also functions as entertainment. "The Samson characters Van Leemhuyzen and Marie greet our guests on the lift screens. In the early evening, they playfully invite our guests to enjoy their dinner. Opening the lift doors is always an adventure for young and old."

TV content in the room

In the room, the in-room TV experience carries on this original approach. "In addition to the full Proximus TV offer, our guests can also enjoy a Plopsa channel with its own content," continues Sebastien Momerency. "Our characters guide guests through the hotel in their own unique style, answering questions such as 'Can I have food served in the room?' This makes information, that on the whole does not interest children, interesting for everyone."

Commercial opportunities

Digital signage and the in-room TV experience save time and efficiency. "We channel a lot of questions that our employees would otherwise have. In addition, they also offer commercial opportunities through publicity messages from our partners." Sebastien Momerency points out that his content team can adapt the screen messages quickly and easily. "Proximus trained us in how to do this. That is how we discovered how to make the best use of digital signage and the in-room TV experience."

We are channeling a lot of questions that our employees would otherwise have to face with the help of digital signage and the in-room TV experience.

Sebastien Momerency is Commercial Director at the Plopsa Group

Balance between physical and digital

The synergy between Proximus and Plopsa Group comes across also in other areas. "Proximus is the name sponsor of the Proximus Theater in Plopsaland. In the daytime, Bumba and Plop are the stars here, but the hall also once served as a venue for the election of Miss Belgium and performances by top stars such as the late Arno and Niels Destadsbader. For the hotel's cocktail bar, the partnership with Proximus means we can switch to live sports broadcasts or concerts in the evening."

Digital enhances the power of physical experience

Sebastien Momerency says that Plopsa Group values digitalization but always sees it as a complement and a reinforcement of the physical experience. "No matter how realistic virtual reality goggles may be, they will never match the thrill of a rollercoaster plunge and the accompanying G-force.

That is the kind of unique experience that adds to the appeal of our parks." Plopsa Group recently opened a second Polish park in Warsaw, which is also the eleventh within the group. With a holiday village in De Panne, a water theme park in Mechelen, and the opening of the Bumba Indoor Zone on the horizon, the future is bright for the group.

Sebastien Momerency is commercial director at Plopsa Group. He has been working at Studio 100's theme park division for over 12 years.

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