AI boosts collaboration and customer experience: Copilot & Orion

Published on 02/05/2024 in Solutions & services

Proximus NXT tested two AI applications: Microsoft Copilot aids employees in tasks like email synthesis and data analysis, while Orion Intelligence automates customer service. Explore how these tools can enhance collaboration and customer experience.

AI boosts collaboration and customer experience: Copilot & Orion

Increased efficiency with Microsoft Copilot

Microsoft Copilot facilitates collaboration, productivity, and creativity among your employees. For example, Copilot in Teams summarizes meetings, organizes action points, and suggests follow-ups, dramatically improving the efficiency of meetings and coordination between teams. Thanks to its advanced AI capabilities, Copilot facilitates data interpretation in Excel, intelligent e-mail management in Outlook, and the creation of dynamic presentations in PowerPoint.

Microsoft has selected Proximus NXT as one of the beta X testers in Belgium. As a tester, Proximus NXT played an active role, collaborating directly with Microsoft to fine-tune Copilot functionalities.

Here are some of the findings from Proximus’ test of Microsoft Copilot:

  • 81% of testers are satisfied.
  • 9 out of 10 testers recommend Copilot.

Drawing on this experience and expertise in Microsoft Copilot, cloud and security, Proximus NXT is committed to sharing its knowledge with its customers in order to integrate AI into their operations.

In AI, data is key

Let us hear from the expert, Stephan Van Dyck, Cybersecurity and Microsoft Consultant at Proximus. Stephan has in-depth knowledge of Microsoft 365 and AI. He carries out consultancy assignments at customer sites to understand their needs and challenges in their specific sector. He provides customers with detailed analysis on integrating AI-based digital tools such as Microsoft Copilot into their business.

In the field of AI, data is essential and key. 3 out of 4 AI projects cannot be implemented because of missing, inaccessible, unstructured data, …

We prioritize the meticulous preparation of your data.

Stephan Van Dyck, Cybersecurity and Microsoft Consultant at Proximus NXT


Stephan emphasizes: "At the heart of Copilot's remarkable efficiency lies data quality. We know that impeccable data cleansing and classification are key. Without these crucial steps, even the most advanced AI tools can fall short of expectations. That's why we prioritize the detailed preparation of your data. We make sure they're meticulously organized and accurately labeled before integrating Copilot into your workflow. With this solid foundation, you can trust Copilot to deliver optimal results in your business."

Personalized customer experiences with Orion Intelligence

Standard services are giving way to customized services tailored to your customers. Orion Intelligence solutions, based on AI, offer personalized customer experiences in line with your customers' preferences and needs. Companies can use Orion Intelligence to anticipate customer needs, provide proactive solutions, and offer recommendations that match their preferences.

Imagine a customer receives an unexpected bill and seeks to understand it. With Orion Intelligence, your customer receives information and a personalized response based on what he or she consults in the FAQ, without an employee having to process the request. And your employees have more time to concentrate on more complex cases.

When companies adopt Orion Intelligence, they strive to offer an experience that goes beyond the simple transaction. It is a partnership built on understanding and aimed at satisfying individual needs.

Orion Intelligence is a suite of solutions designed to reduce costs and improve the customer experience.

Here are a few key benefits:

  • Self-service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Mass resolution of questions of limited complexity through automated processes
  • Reduction in the average time spent by customer service agents handling requests, thanks to information management tools
  • Empathetic interaction with customers, made possible by personalization and anticipation based on customer history.

End-to-end support

The Proximus NXT AI Team provides you with end-to-end support, from design to implementation of services, including user adoption and day-to-day management. These teams ensure that the AI solutions implemented are specifically designed to improve your customers' experience. With AI support, companies save time and money, optimize employee efficiency and enhance the customer experience.

Added value and user adoption

Proximus NXT supports you step-by-step and end-to-end in your AI project from strategic consultancy to deployment with user adoption and day-to-day management. As a first step, Proximus NXT sets up a data platform for AI adoption.

The heart of AI effectiveness is access to available, usable, quality data.

Stephan Van Dyck, Cybersecurity and Microsoft Consultant at Proximus NXT

Stephan: "The heart of AI effectiveness is access to available, usable, quality data. In an AI project, the first essential step is to search, integrate, clean and classify the data. Without this step, the AI project won't be able to get started and won't meet expectations."

After establishing access to quality data, Proximus NXT develops your AI project by integrating cybersecurity to guarantee data and privacy protection, as well as the security of AI algorithms.

In addition to organization and security of data, two key factors are essential to the success of your AI project.

The first key factor is adding value to your business. The aim is for AI tools to facilitate collaboration between your employees and improve the relationship with your customers. With the experience of several use cases in different sectors, Proximus NXT shares with you tips, ideas, and experiences from other AI projects.

The second key factor is user adoption. Proximus NXT defines and implements a progressive user adoption plan with a test group and user feedback, adaptations of AI tools and large-scale implementation in your company.

In conclusion, Proximus NXT and its partners bring to your business innovative AI tools such as Microsoft Copilot to boost employee productivity and Orion Intelligence to enrich customer interactions. Our expertise lies not only in implementing or supporting these advanced AI solutions but also in tailoring them to your company's specific needs and challenges. Our goal for your company, is to facilitate your business through AI while ensuring the security and confidentiality of your data.

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