Business continuity as a service

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Business continuity as a service


When Imtech ICT Belgium comes up with a solution for a customer, it won’t necessarily be housed at that customer’s datacenter. Many companies prefer a solution as a service (SaaS), in which case Imtech ICT Belgium hosts the application at the Belgacom Netcenter in Machelen.


The Dutch group Imtech has a workforce of some 1,000 employees in Belgium. Imtech is a technical service provider whose activities in Belgium include not only an engineering office, but also a project organization service and a maintenance department. The company is active in areas such as office construction, industry, the maritime sector and roadside infrastructure. For Imtech, ICT forms an essential part of its strategy. Thanks to the international division Imtech ICT – which operates in 8 countries – the group has an important differentiator for its traditional business. Imtech developed its ICT division in Belgium via the acquisition of Fit IT, Ebit and Thinking Solutions. The company offers a range of integrated services through an as a service model. These include endpoint management, monitoring and backup.

Focus on core activities

Some of the solutions that Imtech ICT offers its clients in Belgium are hosted at the Belgacom Netcenter in Machelen. “About half of the hosting activities at the Belgacom Netcenter are applications that we have developed for clients,” reports Dirk Devoghel, head of Systems Engineering at Imtech ICT Belgium. “Companies also often choose applications hosted via an external party because they have little experience with the deployment of software to the end-users. When requirements in terms of compliance and security rule out a strictly cloud-based solution, our approach can be a good solution.” Aside from hosting applications developed in-house, Imtech ICT Belgium also offers a range of as a service solutions, based on software packages such as Cognos, and Tivoli Endpoint Manager. This allows the rapid implementation of new technology. “Companies are not always in a position to develop knowledge on a specific niche area in the short-term,” explains Yves Vannieuwenhuyssen, head of Sales and Marketing at Imtech ICT Belgium. “Via the as a service model, our clients are free to continue concentrating on their core activities. We relieve them of a major part of the complexity, so that they can focus on what truly generates added value for the business.”

Remote service

The employees of Imtech ICT Belgium often work on location with clients or commute between various sites. In order to provide optimal support for the collaboration between colleagues, they use communication tools such as Microsoft Lync and the team collaboration platform from Atlassian Confluence. The offices of Imtech ICT are connected via Belgacom Explore. Dirk Devoghel: “It’s important for our employees to be able to stay in touch with their colleagues and also access data and applications from any location and on any mobile device whatsoever.” Imtech ICT Belgium developed Confluence at the Belgacom datacenter into a multi-tenant solution, allowing the platform to be used for different clients simultaneously. “In addition, our fleet of mobile devices runs on the Proximus 3G network, so that access to our customers’ solutions is ensured at all times. If there’s a problem, we immediately begin working on a fix even before we arrive at the customer’s location.”

Company profile

Imtech ICT Belgium is active in engineering, software development and business analytics. As an international division, Imtech ICT has a workforce of 2,750 employees and a turnover of 630 million euros. The Belgian branch of Imtech ICT has a staff of 85.

Business benefits
  • No software implementation or maintenance
  • Foolproof solution in terms of security and compliance
  • Fast service remotely

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