A soccer stadium for the future

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A soccer stadium for the future


The renovated stadium for STVV has been conceived as a soccer venue-cum-business center. Companies that become tenants will be provided with a highly convenient solution for all of their IT needs, thanks to the private cloud at Stayen.


Where the complex now stands, the soccer team STVV (the Sint-Truiden Royal Football Club) built its first stadium in 1927, followed by a series of renovations and modifications over the years. The latest renovation started in 2003, with the construction of new seating. In 2009 the second phase of the project was finished, with the opening of various shops in the complex, and the launch of the grand café, the hotel and the events hall, plus two call centers which opened for business. The completion of the third phase will follow this spring: the new west wing of the stadium, including extra commercial space, a fitness center and a corporate restaurant. The plan also features 21 loges (hospitality boxes in the stand) which can be used, aside from viewing soccer, as hotel rooms or conference facilities. The finished stadium will be able to accommodate 14,600 spectators, including standing room for 3,530.

Stayen offers the shops — and other clients who make use of its infrastructure — a full package of services. “When a company moves in, they don’t have to concern themselves with the necessary facilities at all,” explains site manager Peter Onkelinx. “That’s especially true for anything that has to do with IT and telecoms.” In order to fully cover the needs of these clients, at the site, Belgacom created a private cloud based on HP servers and NetApp storage. “It’s all virtualized on VMware,” explains IT-manager Michael Sourbron. “Via shared storage, we’re able to guarantee the high availability of applications and data.” The business continuity is ensured by replicating everything at an external datacenter. Sourbron: “The infrastructure has been built with future growth in mind. That explains the choice of virtualization, for example. It simplifies not only the maintenance of the server fleet, but will also easily allow us to add or remove servers later on.”

Network plays a key role

Belgacom increased the capacity of the LAN to 10 Gbit. The new network is based on Cisco-technology. Onkelinx: “Here too, we opted for mirroring. All the glass fiber is redundantly installed on two pathways. There are two Internet break-outs.” The high bandwidth has been extended to the business seats and the events hall as well. “This will make it possible, for example, to watch the soccer live on a tablet via streaming. The network is also already set up for IP TV.” What’s more, the network has a key role to play in the new stadium. Onkelinx: “Virtually everything is connected to the network: not just data traffic and IP telephony, but also the operation of the doors, climate control, etc.” Stayen will also offer a wireless network throughout the entire west wing.

With the new infrastructure, Stayen is choosing resolutely for stability and transparency. No more tangled mess of diverse connections and maintenance contracts, but a clear, reliable service. Sourbron: “Companies who set up here will be provided with a highly convenient solution for Internet, telephony, Wi-Fi, etc. We take care of the central management and guarantee the availability of data and systems.” From now on, Stayen not only stands for soccer, but also for IT as a service…

Company profile

Stayen is the home stadium of the second-tier soccer team STVV from Sint-Truiden. Aside from a soccer venue, the site also incorporates shops, a hotel, offices and an events hall, and employs a workforce of over 1,000.

Business benefits
  • Centrally managed IT infrastructure
  • Business continuity thanks to the redundant infrastructure
  • Future-proof network with high bandwidth
  • Worry-free IT for shops and other clients

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