5G cases that shape the future

Published on 31/05/2024 in Customer talks

5G is an accelerator for growth and innovation. From improved connectivity to innovative applications, 5G opens the door to a world of possibilities for companies of all sizes in all sectors. The cases below confirm that the possibilities are endless.

5G cases that shape the future

A drone flies around the warehouse taking real-time images of the stock. These images are then transmitted via 5G to servers where an AI algorithm processes them. It's long since ceased to be a futuristic idea. More precision, speed and security with a system that can be adapted to different sectors. Medical, transportation, defense, and more. The possibilities are endless, but also reliable and robust.

Predictive maintenance in industry

I-care has developed an application that predicts potential machine failures, the lifespan of parts and the extent of their wear and tear through the analysis of data it collects with industrial sensors. At the Walloon research center A6K, I-care worked with Proximus NXT and Multitel to develop a pilot set-up in which the collection of sensor data runs over 5G.

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A guaranteed connection via private 5G network

RTBF's charity Viva for Life is a fixed Christmas Eve event. Last year, together with Proximus NXT, RTBF ran a test in which the transmission of live images was carried out using 5G. Installed especially for the event, the private 5G antenna guaranteed constant bandwidth and throughput, with downstream speeds of up to 1 Gbps and upstream speeds of over 100 Mbps. Due to the private 5G network, the RTBF could count on guaranteed bandwidth, with no risk of network saturation.

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Cashless payment at events

The use of cash is clearly showing a downward trend, even at the bar or food truck at an event. But a stable network connection with guaranteed capacity is vital for smooth cashless payments. This is possible when the 5G network is sliced. At moments when the mobile network becomes saturated, payment traffic via those devices continues to run very smoothly because a part of the network is especially reserved for it. At that moment, the other devices revert to a wireless network.

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New era for transportation and logistics

In transport and logistics, digitization is taking place simultaneously on very different fronts. It was once the sector par excellence of paper document transmission. These were first replaced by e-mail, then by platforms for data exchange. Thanks to AI and real-time tracking, these platforms now lead to the right information much faster. Even more, they have the data that fuel solutions with generative and predictive AI.

Think automatically generated reports, as well as predictive maintenance and defect prevention. At the same time, it's AI that enables the evolution toward unmanned, self-driving, -flying or -boating devices. This advance relies also on data and its lightning-fast analysis.

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5G is reshaping health care

Together with Proximus NXT, AZ Groeninge in Kortrijk is the first hospital in the Benelux to roll out a private 5G network. This will create an innovative environment that prepares healthcare for the challenges of the future. The focus is on applications around remote care, clinical communication and training. Among other things, tests are planned involving the use of 5G in robotic surgery, the monitoring of patients with bio-sensors and an AR/VR environment for the training of medical and nursing staff.

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The warehouse capacity rate was 67%. Thanks to AI, we can achieve a 30% increase.

Yanneck Adolphe, Head of Research and Development at Deltrian

The drone: an invaluable ally for stock managers

The drone flies around the warehouse taking real-time images of the inventory. At Deltrian, the AI algorithm does the work of an operator who would have had to stop at each box to scan a QR code. The images are then transmitted via 5G to servers where an AI algorithm processes them, identifies labels, counts items and links them to specific areas.

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