A beauty salon without internet? Impossible!

Published on 11/06/2018 in Your stories

Jurgita en Sigita opened their beauty salon four years ago. Their strength? The personal service they offer each individual customer, based on their knowledge of people, their attentiveness and … their understanding of astrology.

A beauty salon without internet? Impossible!

Name: Jurgita and Sigita Mantukeviciute

Role: entrepreneurs

Zaak: Beauty salon, Beauty in the City in Waterloo

Our thing: Providing our customers with the perfect treatment and look using their star sign


Jurgita: ‘Helping women and taking care of them, these are the things I love. Accounting and paperwork? Not so much!’ Sister Sigita adds: ‘This is why we complement each other so well. Jurgita does the caring, I do the accounting!’

DIY sisters

After a day’s work comes … more work. Jurgita and Sigita explain: ‘We do all of our own advertising, for instance. Everything must be perfect. This includes our internet connection. If a customer wants to use the Wi-Fi on their smartphone when they are waiting, it shouldn’t be a problem. We slowly learnt we needed to surround ourselves with quality to do our job well.

If our customers can’t pay with their cards because the internet is down, it’s a real disaster!  

No internet = No Bancontact

The owners of Beauty in the City are careful when choosing their suppliers. If something goes wrong, it can have dire consequences for the business. ‘One day without internet is a disaster. Our clients increasingly use their card to pay us. This is an extra service we offer. We even get messages on Messenger enquiring if it is possible to pay by card. Our customers don’t want to have to run around to find an ATM.’

Internet as a communication tool

Customers also need the internet if they want to communicate with Jurgita and Sigita. ‘Scheduling an appointment and managing our customers’ data, we do this all through the internet. And when we have 5 minutes between two customers? We’ll quickly answer a few questions via Facebook and Messenger. To not have internet is really frustrating’, the sisters conclude.

Customer recommendation

Fortunately, a total breakdown of the internet has never happened at Beauty in the City. Sigita: ‘We give our customers advice, but we can also learn from them. One of our clients recommended that we partner up with Proximus, as they have a particularly stable network.’ ‘Since we became customers, our internet hasn’t failed us once. No breakdown, no hassle! We are satisfied.’ Jurgita adds.

Can our Bizz Expert be of any further assistance to them? ‘Maybe manage our calendar? How about answering all our customer queries? Ha-ha, sure. Maybe through Facebook and Messenger! Who knows, ladies!

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