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Do's and Don’ts when laying fiberglass

Published on 11/12/2018 in Tech, tips & tricks

Do's and Don’ts when laying fiberglass

More and more architects and property developers want to provide a fiberglass connection in their new apartment or house. What technical requirements do you have to fulfil to be able to offer fiberglass properly? Which indoor cables do you have to use? And what do you have to bear in mind when installing fiberglass?

Fiberglass: a smart investment

For construction companies and project developers, fiberglass is a very attractive investment. According to the Dutch website, research shows that laying fiberglass substantially increases the value of a house, by around three per cent. Many potential occupants and companies are actively in search of properties that have fiberglass. 

Is fiberglass possible in my building? 

We are currently hard at work connecting residential districts and industrial zones to the fiberglass network. New apartment buildings and allotments with more than 20 housing units are systematically provided with fiberglass. Read more about how you can make a fiberglass connection possible for your construction project.

How do you ensure correct installation? 

The way in which fiberglass is distributed in a building differs entirely from copper:

  • A separate technical room should (preferably) be provided to house the fiberglass. Optic cables then go out from here to each housing unit.
  • These cables have to meet specific technical requirements (French) and be properly laid. With the correct curvature and traction.
  • It is best to use sleeved cables. These are somewhat more expensive, but easier to install.
  • Because fiberglass consists of very fine glass threads, it is best to lay the cables by hand and keep them in place using velcro.
  • Of course, shafts and channels have to be provided for these cables, with the necessary cable ladders and grooves.

You will find all the information you need and details of the materials required in the specifications for fiberglass installation. You can consult this information online at

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