Proximus Wholesale

Why does Proximus Wholesale exist?

In a constantly changing environment where you need more than a service provider, we are an effective, digital and pioneer partner, who enables you to embrace the digitalization journey through flexible and scalable services fitting your needs and the ones of your customers.

Because we believe in the importance of partnership

Since 1998 Proximus Carrier & Wholesale has been offering a wide range of high-quality and brand-new networks and telecommunications services. We connect customers to the world & enable you as Communication Service Providers on the Belgian market so that you can best serve your customers with Proximus state-of-the-art and future proof assets.

Flexible and adequate solutions

Depending on your needs, our team of experts (pre-sales, sales, product and service managers) will define together with you which solution matters most to you. We ensure that you get access to state-of-the-art networks in the most simple and flexible way. Our main products are : fix assets (interconnect, transit, infrastructure, back-hauling, rental of internet and professional connectivity services), mobile assets (interconnect, MVNO, Instant Roaming ) and digital assets (from quote to cash)

  • We have over 150 fix and mobile partners & over 700 roaming partners, and year over year we reach high satisfaction scores.
  • With over 2.000.000 digital transactions with our customers, we are proud to be recognised as ‘efficient’ partner to do business with.
  • With our high quality fix network (rank #1 by Netflix ISP Leader board in BENew window) and mobile network (rank #1 by BIPT in terms of reliability & coverageNew window), we are proud to be the only partner with an own national coverage in Belgium
  • With our vectoring (first nationwide) and fiber investments, we are proud to be pioneer at the forefront of innovation.

Solutions tailored to your needs


Connect your corporate customers’ sites with each other and to your network.

Carrier xDSL

Sell your own branded Fast Internet (xDSL) subscriptions.

Carrier xDSL

Connects your end-users to the internet as component of your E2E service offering


Bridging Digital & Telco worlds through Open Innovation

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