Fax via VoIP problems

With i-Office and Bizz IP Mono or Duo you can fax as well as make calls over VoIP. Problems with your fax machine? Check your b-box. Does this not solve the problem? Reset the settings of your fax machine.

Please note: not every fax machine is compatible with VoIP. Read your machine’s manual to make sure that it supports fax transmission over VoIP.

  1. Check the connection on the modem

    To fax via Voice over IP your fax machine must be correctly connected. Is your not working? Check your connection:

    • Check the cabling: verify whether your telephone cable (RJ-11) is connected correctly both on your fax machine and the green port of your b-box.
    • Check devices connected in parallel: disconnect any devices connected in parallel (on other phone outlets) and test your fax machine. Does your fax machine work now? If so, one of the other devices may be jamming the signal.
  2. Check the settings of your fax machine

    Activate the error correction mode of your fax machine. No improvement? In that case, reduce the transmission speed. To do so, consult the manual of your fax machine. Do you have a Belgafax machine? If so, read our online user manuals.

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