Worldwide mobile rates for companies

Within the EU

Within the EU (+ a few other countries) you call, surf and SMS at the same rate as in Belgium.

Check the EU countries

Top Destinations

Outside the EU

Outside the EU you call, SMS and surf at the standard rates of the country in question.

To call, SMS and surf more cheaply, choose one of the options below.

Pay per day of use or per month. You can cancel these options whenever you want.

Top Destinations where the options apply

Calling and surfing

Surfing only

Daily Travel Surf

  • 200 MB

3.50/day of use

Only charged on the days that the option is used

Travel Surf

  • 1 GB


This option can be stopped at any moment

Travel Surf

Top Intense
  • 5 GB


This option can be stopped at any moment


The advantageous options below apply in all countries of the world outside the EU and with cruise ship, ferry, airplane and satellite networks. Except for some countries.

Countries that don’t benefit from the options below

Calling and surfing

Travel passport

  • 400 min. to call and receive calls
  • 400 SMS
  • 400 MB


This option can be stopped at any moment

Surfing only

Travel Surf

  • 1 GB


This option can be stopped at any moment

Travel Surf

World Intense
  • 5 GB


This option can be stopped at any moment

Outside EU & Top

If you regularly travel to a Top Destination and very occasionally outside the Top Destinations, then choose one of the advantageous options below compatible with your TOP bundle.

Calling and Surfing

Travel passport

Outside EU & Top
  • 200 min. to call and receive calls
  • 200 SMS
  • 200 MB


This option can be stopped at any moment

Surfing only

Daily Travel Surf

Outside EU & Top
  • 200 MB

14.87/day of use

Only charged on the days that the option is used

From Belgium to other countries

All prices for calling and SMS from Belgium to other countries + all worldwide rates.

Cost control


Thanks to the Proximus+ application, you can obtain an overview of your calls, messages (SMS and MMS), and Internet usage at any time, with a single click.

SMS alerts

You regularly receive a text message indicating your data usage in Belgium and abroad, 24/7. This is an automatic service, so you don't have to do anything for it.

Surfing limit

Your mobile Internet connection will be cut off when your bill reaches €60 (incl. VAT) while abroad. You will be alerted by SMS.

Change or deactivate the surfing limits

Want to change your surfing limit from €60 (incl. VAT) to €121 (incl. VAT)?

Want to activate/deactivate the surfing limit? Contact your Account Manager or call our customer service on 0800 22 200 (+32 475 15 60 00 abroad).

Frequently asked questions

When roaming services are available in a foreign country, the quality of service offered may differ from that offered in Belgium due to various local factors related to the technologies available in that country such as whether they use latest technology, local network coverage, available speed, latency but also other external local factors such as topography and more.

Roaming users may not be able to call or text local Value Added Service numbers and certain Belgian TV content via Pickx may not be available when roaming outside the EU. It is also possible that applications or content available to local users may not be available to roaming users for technical or legal reasons.

When roaming, you can monitor your internet usage at any time

  • by sending the word DATA by SMS to 8888: information about the amount of your consumption outside the package while abroad will be sent to you by SMS (sending and receiving free of charge)
  • by accessing the Proximus+ app (using the app consumes data that is deducted from any mobile internet plan or billed if the customer does not have a mobile internet plan or if their plan is exceeded).

Phone calls and data connections made in non-terrestrial areas (e.g. from a ship during a cruise or from a plane) use satellite networks corresponding to another geographical area and are considered to be outside the European Union. The national rate doesn’t apply to this usage and roaming charges will be billed for these communications.
A connection to non-terrestrial networks, sometimes inadvertently, can increase your bill. To avoid this, it is best to:

  • completely block calls, texts and Internet connections via these non-terrestrial networks:
    • enable the aeroplane mode on your device via the settings
    • or ask for roaming outside the European Union to be disabled (opt-out) free of charge in order to block the connection to these networks while keeping the possibility of roaming within the European Union
  • block only the Internet connection via these non-terrestrial networks:
    • ask to disable (opt-out) of the Internet connection in non-terrestrial zones. In this case, you keep the possibility of calling and sending texts via non-terrestrial networks at non-EU rates and the possibility of roaming within the European Union.

You can avoid connecting to foreign networks via your device settings:

  • either by deactivating the automatic selection of the network operator and manually selecting Proximus
  • or by removing roaming

In order to avoid high bills, your mobile Internet connection abroad will be blocked if your data consumption abroad goes €60 (incl. VAT) above the bundle.

If you wish to continue surfing, you can request to remove this limit at your own responsibility. If so, your mobile Internet connection will be blocked again if the usage reaches €121 (incl. VAT), unless you decide to remove this second limit too. If so, you continue to surf without limit at your own responsibility.

You can change this setting at any time.

Value Added Service (VAS) numbers are e.g. premium-rate numbers, freephone numbers or shared cost numbers you can call and/or text to receive access to services like gaming, matchmaking, content editing, information such as the weather forecast , doctors on call, etc.

When you travel outside Belgium (roaming) and you call or text to any VAS number (local, Belgian, EU or non-EU):

  • your national tariff is not applicable
  • the tariff advertised for local users is not applicable
  • higher charges could apply, also for services advertised in the visited country as freephone numbers (these are only free for local users and not for roamers).

VAS numbering ranges vary from country to country. To avoid bad surprise on the bill, you can verify which VAS numbering ranges are subject to increased costs by clicking on The info is available per EU country (including Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway) but is unfortunately not available for the other countries.

In the interests of transparency, when you enter a foreign country, you will receive a text with information on the applicable tariffs for mobile communications in that country, including mobile Internet use. If you do not wish to receive text messages about tariffs, you can request to deactivate this service by calling 6030. You can change this setting at any time. If the country you are visiting is one of the other 26 EU countries, you will also receive a text informing you of the ways to contact the emergency services in the country you are visiting. For security reasons, you cannot request to deactivate this service and we recommend you save this text message.

Access to the web pages (whether free or paid) is only possible if you or your fleet manager have not activated a barring on the use of the mobile internet connection ("data barring" or configuration by your company). Consult your company's internal policy. If such a barring has been implemented at your request or at the initiative of your fleet manager, you will have access to these pages but only in WI-FI.

In case of emergency, Proximus recommends to call free of charge the unique European emergency call number 112. This call number is available from any EU country including Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway for local users but also for roamers.

You can verify which local alternative means are available to contact the emergency services in each EU country (including Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway) by clicking on

Public warning mobile applications are mobile applications that can be downloaded by the user on his smartphone in some countries in order to receive public warnings in case of imminent or developing major emergencies and disasters in the visited country.

You can verify the availability of local public warning mobile applications per EU country (including Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway) by clicking on

Daily Travel Passport

  • You only pay per day of use. The daily price is activated according to the zone you are in when you place a call or send a text to a country of one these two zones, use more than 200 KB of mobile Internet, or receive a call.
  • A day of use starts and ends at midnight, Belgian time. Unused minutes, texts and MB are not carried over to the next month.
  • No subscription charges. Free activation and deactivation possible at any time.
  • Not compatible with other roaming options or rate plans that give a discount on roaming rates, with VPN, or with business rate plans including roaming minutes, SMS or internet volume. If Daily Travel Passport is activated, all other roaming options will be automatically deactivated.

Good to know

  • The above mentioned roaming prices or options are not applicable to roaming calls towards value-added service (VAS) numbers which are rated as follows: from EU Zone: €2.07 /min; from TOP Destinations Zone: €2.27 /min; from Exception Zone: €5.10 /min; from Rest of the World €2,89 /min (VAT excluded).
  • Some operators charge extra fees for received calls - amounts may differ, depending on the operator.
  • Subscriptions are billed for a complete month (even during the incomplete months of activation and deactivation).
  • All individual data roaming bundles are billed per 100 KB session.
  • The options listed on this page are not valid for: Angola, Bhutan, Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Falkland Islands, Lebanon, Maldives, New Caledonia, São Tomé and Príncipe and Venezuela. No options are available for these countries. The standard rates apply here.

Consult your rates when you exceed your available volume.

List of EU-operators and their technologies

Would you like to know which technologies are available in the country you are visiting? You can consult the list of technologies available in each country of the European Union (+ Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) for each operator with which Proximus has concluded a roaming agreement. This indicative list (.pdf) is subject to errors and changes. It is regularly updated based on the information provided to Proximus by foreign operators.

The name of the network selected for roaming may be displayed on your screen under a different trade name, chosen by the foreign operator, regardless of Proximus' wishes. In addition, for the reasons explained above (such as network coverage or topography), some technologies may not be available throughout the territory visited.