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LAN/WLAN Network

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Ready for digital transformation

Cloud integration

Smart collaboration tools

Campus network

Smart Network: network in the cloud

  • Wi-Fi solution in combination with Internet or WAN
  • Fixed price per month
  • Fully managed by us, so no more stress about updates
  • User-friendly dashboard, accessible anywhere, anytime via the cloud
  • Separate Wi-Fi access for internal users and visitors

In practice

Easy network access

Not only do your employees need easy network access, but your customers, too, expect Internet access in your shop.

Additional promotional channel: your customers log in via a personalized web page or Facebook.

Did you know that:

43% Use smartphone during shopping

41% Use smartphone for info about products

20% More expenses when the customer receives purchase suggestions via smartphone

Free Wi-Fi

  • Your guests expect free Wi-Fi
  • You control the network thanks to the clearly structured dashboard
Did you know that:

91% don't book if free Wi-Fi is unavailable

Every guest has 2 to 3 mobile devices on average

3x more mobile and network traffic in 2020

LAN/WLAN - Assist & Care

Tailor-made infrastructure

Is your corporate network lacking performance?

A good solid network is the basis for the digital workplace so that users always and everywhere, in a secure way, have access to the necessary business applications. We give advice and deliver, install and maintain your infrastructure

LAN/WLAN - Assist & Care

Want to know more about the Campus network?

Download the brochure and/or whitepaper

Brochure: Hotel owners

Brochure: Smart Network

Brochure: LAN/WLAN

Data center network

Guaranteed operational network

  • Design of data center network to meet your specific needs
  • Transition plan that avoids risks and obsolescence
  • Installation and monitoring of your data center network for optimal use
  • Automation of operations

Software Defined Network

New way of thinking and designing networks on campus and data center

  • Physical separation of management & data part
  • Intent-based network
  • Automation of complex IT tasks
  • Intuitive management of your network
  • Centralized real-time monitoring

Want to know more?

Download brochure
brochure Software Defined Networking

Customer story

Panos, part of La Lorraine Bakery chooses for a future-proof IT-infrastructure as part of the company’s digital transformation.

Bernard Martin, a KIA franchise holder, uses Smart Network. This end-to-end solution offers an all-in-one package, from connectivity to hardware for Wi-Fi access.
The Wi-Fi company network is separated from the visitor network.


Cisco Meraki

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