Mobile fleet management

Mobile fleet management

Mobile Device Management & Protection

With this solution, you can open your network to mobile devices without endangering security
  • Protection against malware
  • Automatic updates of the antivirus system
  • Scans all files received by SMS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc.
Mobile Device Management & Protection


  • Registration of devices
  • Locate devices on a map
  • Lock and delete devices

Inventory management

View of all mobile devices of the company and the employees (details and age)

Remote provisioning

Remote configuration and updating of the device and account settings (e-mail, VPN, Wi-Fi, etc.)


  • Lock or delete devices
  • Mandatory password policy
  • Mandatory locking policy

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Mobile Managed Services

For companies having at least 100 mobile devices

Outsource  the daily management of your mobile fleet, and get support and advice from a highly skilled team.

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Budget Manager

Control and reduce mobile telephony costs

Depending on your employees’ usage profile, you can intervene in their mobile usage taking into account certain aspects, such as:

  • Mobile usage in Belgium and abroad
  • An extralegal advantage for your employees: a single GSM for private and professional use, and private usage at professional rate

There are 5 different types of intervention depending on your needs and / or habits

It is possible to combine levels 1 and 3 or 2 and 3.

Set amount per usage type
  • For each usage type (e.g. international communications, calls received abroad, SMS, MMS, etc.), you set the amount your company is prepared to pay for each user.
  • You can cover all costs (100%) or exclude certain usage types (0%).
  • For example, you can set the amount of €5 for SMS charges but of €0 for MMS charges, while paying for 100% of national communications.

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Stay informed about your usage

My Proximus

Thanks to the MyProximus application, you can obtain an overview of your calls, messages (SMS and MMS), and Internet usage at any time, with a single click. Download the MyProximus application on Google Play Store and App Store.

SMS alerts

We send you SMS messages to inform you of your usage, in Belgium and abroad 24/7. This service is activated automatically.

Surfing limit

Your mobile Internet connection will be cut off when your bill reaches €60 (incl. VAT) while abroad. You will be alerted by SMS just before you reach the surfing limit and when you actually reach it. The surfing limit applies until the next billing period. You will receive an SMS as soon as you can surf abroad again.

(De)activate the surfing limits

Customers who want to deactivate this surfing limit should contact their account manager or call our customer service via 0800 55 200 and +32 475 15 60 30 from abroad.

Customer stories


Fresher than fresh. Thiry develops systems for extensive automation. Each day and night, the 33 Thiry trucks traverse the country in order to deliver fruit and vegetables to shops on time. The company has recently started using our mobile solutions.

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