Mobile fleet management

Mobile fleet management

Mobile Device Management & Protection

Increase your employees' productivity by opening up your network to both private and professional mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), without endangering security.


  • Improved performance for your company
  • Greater motivation and productivity of your employees
  • Reduced expenditure on mobile devices.
Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Protection provides secure connections with applications and data via SSL VPN. It also offers the necessary protection against malware, performs automatic updates of the antivirus system, and scans in real time all files received by SMS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, desktop synchronization, etc.


Mobile Device Management & Protection allows you to manage your mobile fleet by supporting all popular mobile operating systems, as on-site solutions or in the form of services in the cloud.

Supported by Apple iOS, Google Android, Windows Mobile, Nokia Symbian and BlackBerry:

  • Activation & registration: registration of devices by device, by volume or as a self-service by the users
  • Inventory management: real-time view of all the mobile devices, device details, old devices, devices belonging to the company/the employees
  • Remote provisioning: remote configuration and updating of the device and account settings (e-mail, VPN, Wi-Fi, etc.)
  • Application management: inventory, publication and supply of applications, and management of the company's app store
  • Security*: possibility of locking or deleting devices, and of imposing a password policy and a locking policy
  • Distribution of certificates**: possibility of distributing certificates to end users
  • Access control***: authentication of the active sync connection and blocking of e-mail access
  • Self-service for the users: users can register a device, locate it on a map, and lock it/delete it

* Supported by Apple iOS as of version 4.0
** Supported by Google Android with Nitrodesk and Windows Mobile as of version 6.0, not supported by Nokia Symbian and BlackBerry
*** not supported by BlackBerry


Mobile Managed Services

Thanks to the Mobile Managed Services, you can outsource the responsibility for the daily management of your mobile fleet, with the necessary support and advice provided by a highly skilled team.


  • Dedicated, competent resources with experience in the management of mobile solutions.
  • A basic offer complemented with multiple options based on the customer's needs.
  • Extensive advice and availability 6 days a week.
Mobile Managed Services advantages

The Mobile Managed Services are available in different service levels. To subscribe to these managed services, your company must have a fleet of at least 100 mobile devices.

Mobile Managed Services Start – category 1

  • Support for number portability and new activations of SIM cards
  • Configuration of new SIM cards
  • Configuration of devices so that they can be used on the Proximus network
  • Operational contact point for the service project.

Mobile Managed Services Start – category 2

This category includes all category 1 activities, as well as the following:

  • Internet configuration of the devices
  • Copy of user data on the devices
  • Creation of end users (of e-mail and Mobile Internet).

Mobile Managed Services Comfort

The Mobile Managed Services Comfort are intended for recurrent services and are linked to the "natural evolution" of your company's service portfolio.

Budget Manager

Proximus Budget Manager is the ideal solution for controlling and reducing mobile phone costs at your company.


  • Optimal cost control
  • Clear and accurate budgets
  • For usage in Belgium and abroad
  • An extra-legal benefit for your employees: a single mobile phone for business and private purposes with business rates on private usage
  • No need to block certain usage type and therefore no user frustration
Budget Manager advantages

In practice

Depending on your needs and/or your employees' pattern of usage, you can define five different contribution types. If the user does not reach the limit set, you are billed for the amount actually used. If the limit is exceeded, the surplus will be billed directly to the user.

Level 1: Amount per user
  • Your contribution pays for any usage type or category without distinction
  • The total of the set amounts per user appears on your bill
  • If the total amount of the user's bill is lower than the amount you decided you are prepared to pay, you will only be billed for the amount actually used
Level 2: Percentage up to maximum amount
  • Your contribution pays for any usage type or category without distinction
  • For example, you can decide that for 10 of your employees, you are prepared to pay 50% of the total bill amount, up to a maximum of €30. Anything beyond this amount must be paid by them
  • You can also define a contribution percentage without defining a maximum amount
Level 3: Contribution per usage category
  • You set an overall amount per usage category: non-usage charges, voice communications, video calls and data communications
  • For example, you can choose to pay €30 for voice communications and for data communications, but not to pay anything for non-usage charges or video calls
Combinations of Levels 1 and 3 or 2 and 3 are possible

You can combine a contribution amount per user with an amount per usage type, or a contribution amount per usage category and per usage type. This enables you to define exceptions. For example, you can allocate €30 for the entire bill:

  • 0% for national SMS messages (i.e. your employee pays for all SMS messages)
  • 0% for international communications


  • 100% for national communications (i.e. in this case, the 100% applies to the entire bill amount (if the end-user spends €45 in national communication, you will pay €45 and not €30
Set amount per usage type
  • For each usage type (e.g. international communications, calls received abroad, SMS, MMS, etc.), you set the amount your company is prepared to pay for each user.
  • You can cover all costs (100%) or exclude certain usage types (0%).
  • For example, you can set the amount of €5 for SMS charges but of €0 for MMS charges, while paying for 100% of national communications.

Stay informed about your usage

No more bill shocks: manage your mobile data volume.


Thanks to the MyProximus application, you can obtain an overview of your calls, messages (SMS and MMS), and Internet usage at any time, with a single click. Download the MyProximus application onto your mobile phone, smartphone or tablet. You will find this application on Google Play Store, App Store, etc. You can also download MyProximus via Wi-Fi but for this you need to surf at least once a month via 3G.

SMS alerts

To spare you any bill shocks regarding your mobile data usage, Proximus sends you SMS messages to inform you of your usage, in Belgium and abroad. This service is activated automatically. No SMS messages are sent between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. (Belgian time). A surfing speed limit of 128 Kbps is applied if you exceed your volume limit for Internet On GSM Favorite. You will also be informed by SMS. This is to help you avoid paying extra costs if you large volumes of data.

Surfing limit in the Europeen Union

In accordance with EU regulations, your mobile Internet connection will be cut off when your bill reaches €60 while abroad. This way, you avoid surprises on your bill. When you surf abroad, your mobile Internet connection is cut off as soon as your bill reaches €60. You will be alerted by SMS just before you reach the surfing limit and when you actually reach it. The surfing limit applies until the next billing period. You will receive an SMS as soon as you can surf abroad again. If you have a subscription for surfing at a cheaper rate when abroad, this surfing limit will be applied when you exceed your bundle of €60.

(De)activate the surfing limits

Customers who want to deactivate this surfing limit should contact their account manager or call the Proximus customer service via the short number 8480.

Mail notification to Fleet manager

This free service, available in MyProximus, provides a daily e-mail notification with reports on end users who have received a data text message the previous day. This allows the Fleet Manager to act accordingly to inform end users, increase volumes, etc. These reports only contain mobile numbers the Fleet Manager has access to. The Report history is accessible through MyBusiness and provides an overview of the last 7 days.

  • select 'Notification report' from 'Data Usage Reports' menu
  • click 'Activate'
  • select the footprint (national-Roaming-Both)
  • add e-mail address (if different from auto-fill)
  • save
Available reports
  • access 'Available reports' with MyBusiness credentials from the 'Data Usage Reports' menu
  • last 7 days history stays available
  • the footprint can be edited
  • reports can be deleted
  • usually at the beginning of the bill cycle
  • no text message is sent when no report is available

Customer stories


Fresher than fresh. Thiry develops systems for extensive automation. Each day and night, the 33 Thiry trucks traverse the country in order to deliver fruit and vegetables to shops on time. The company has recently started using mobile solutions from Proximus.

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