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IP telephone exchanges

  • Professional customer reception
  • Efficient employee collaboration and teleworking
  • Easy and secure call management on all devices

Management of calls, unified communications and mobility

Benefit from the advantages of IP telephony: optimised costs and quality communication. Welcome your customers in a professional way, help your employees work together efficiently.

Enable teleworking on all devices, manage your calls and unified communications (UC) easily and securely in the cloud and/or on your premises.

We have solutions and options tailored to each company.

Telephony and collaboration platform in the cloud

Call Connect

  • All-in solution with VoIP numbers, unlimited calls, exchange features, voicemail, Webex app
  • Webex for Call Connect: a single app for calling, messaging, meeting
  • Unlimited number of users and sites
  • Hybrid work, collaboration and mobility
  • Developed by Cisco

Telephony and collaboration hybrid platforms

On-site and in the cloud

Forum Connect

  • Compatible with analog, digital and IP devices
  • Up to 1,200 users (server version)
  • Teleworking, mobility and smartphone integration via mobile & web application
  • CloudLink: unified communications
  • Developed by Mitel. Platinum partnership.

Voice Managed Services

Add key features to Forum telephone exchanges to ensure business continuity

Voice Managed Services allows you to manage your accessibility yourself, in the cloud, and add key features to Forum telephone exchanges such as recording calls, creating a call center in the cloud or setting up a disaster recovery plan (DRP).

You can easily organize teleworking, on-duty service or business continuity in the event of an incident.

Discover the benefits and customer testimonials regarding Voice Managed Services.

CloudCTI: Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) software

Applications and options

Connect any contact database from your CRM or ERP software applications with any telephone exchange.

Click-to-call via any application

  • Click-to-dial

1 / user/month

Pop-up with customer info from CRM / database

  • Click-to-dial
  • Customer info from any CRM package or database
  • Pop-up
  • Based on number recognition

3 / user/month

Pop-up with customer info from SalesForce

  • Click-to-dial
  • Customers info and history from SalesForce
  • Pop-up
  • Log of incoming calls in Salesforce

6 / user/month

PABX Services and financing

For your new telephone exchange (PABX), you choose the formula that suits you best


  • You finance the investment (capex): purchase, installation and maintenance.
  • The depreciation of the exchange in 4 years is deductible as a business expense.

Purchase with maintenance

  • You finance the investment: purchase and installation.
  • You subscribe to a monthly maintenance service.
  • The depreciation of the exchange in 4 years (capex) and the operating expenses (opex) are deductible.

Rental with PABX services

  • You subscribe to an all-inclusive monthly service (rental, installation, extension, move, maintenance, repair, etc.).
  • The operating expenses (opex) are deductible.

Customer stories

Quiz Tax

Thanks to the telephone exchange, your customers always receive a professional answer to their calls. Testimonial from the accounting office Quiz Tax.


The intermunicipal company for the treatment of household waste in Meetjesland (IVM) uses a Forum 700 telephone exchange internally to optimize collaboration between its employees and externally via a toll-free 0800 number that allows it to be attentive and always available to the population in matters regarding waste collection and treatment.

Thermes de Spa

Thanks to the Forum 700 telephone exchange and mobility solutions (headsets and wireless phones), the "Thermes de Spa" manages between 200 and 600 calls per day for reservations by limiting waiting time through an interactive menu and by giving a professional image of a service and well-being company that listens to its customers' needs.

Russo Security

A new telephone exchange so no more calls are missed at the security firm Russo Security.

Bureau d'Etudes Pierre Berger

Thanks to the switch to Call Connect, the Pierre Berger Design Office no longer has any technical problems. Complete management is carried out in the cloud by Proximus teams. Video in French.

Call connect is available as of 2 users. A VDSL2 Proximus Internet line is required for using Call Connect; Call Connect is intended for a minimum of two users. The price of €22 includes: unlimited calls 24/7 to all landlines in Belgium, 1,000 min./month to mobile numbers in Belgium, 1,000 min./month to all fixed and mobile numbers in Europe (except for special numbers) plus Canada, the United States, Morocco (only from fixed to fixed), and Turkey (only from fixed to fixed).

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