Types of exchanges

Call Connect
In the cloud

A telephone exchange in the cloud

Forum 5000

On site IP-communication platform for max. 1,200 users

Forum 700 IP

On site IP-communication platform for max. 300 users

Call Connect

An exchange in the cloud

What is Call Connect?

  • A telephone exchange in the cloud.
  • All-in price per user: €22/month.
  • IP telephone line with quality of service (QoS) on VoIP and a rate plan for unlimited calls.
  • Accessible anytime and anywhere, no matter what type of data connectivity (internet or Explore) or device.
  • Office 365 compatible via Voice Connect plug-in.

Advantages on-site telephone exchanges

Integrate telephony with IT applications

Be mobile with 1 company number: manage call toggling on your smartphone via the mobile app

Be flexible with a new way of working using hot-desking (phone sharing) or softphone

Choose the phone that fits your needs: digital/IP, with corded/cordless (DECT) phones, softphones, smartphones, etc.

Buy or rent

With Enterprise Call & Surf, combine telephony and internet in a pack. Enjoy additional services to maintain your business whatever happens.


Forum 5000

On-site IP-communication platform compatible with analogue/digital IP devices.

  • Developed by Mitel
  • Max. 1,200 users

Download Forum 5000 brochure

Forum 700 IP

On-site IP-communication platform compatible with all devices, cablings and connectivities.

  • Developed by Alcatel-Lucent 
  • Max. 300 users

Download Forum 700 presentation

Customer stories

Personal service via a telephone exchange

"Thanks to the telephone exchange your customers always receive a professional response to their request, whether or not you are available. Testimonial of QUIZ TAX"

In the past, you could connect only landline phones and DECT phones with a limited range to a telephone exchange. Thanks to the FMC option, smartphones can now also be integrated in the telephone exchange, making employees much more mobile and ensuring the customer gets a better service.

In the past, only landline phones and DECT phones could be connected, with a range that was limited to a telephone exchange. Thanks to the FMC option it is now possible to also integrate smartphones in the head office, which enables much greater employee mobility and better customer service.

The intermunicipal company for the treatment of household waste in Meetjesland (IVM) uses a Forum 700 telephone exchange internally to optimize collaboration between its employees and externally via a toll-free 0800 number that allows it to be attentive and always available to the population in matters regarding waste collection and treatment.

Thanks to the Forum 700 telephone exchange and mobility solutions (headsets and wireless phones), the “Thermes de Spa” manages between 200 and 600 calls per day for reservations by limiting waiting time through an interactive menu and by giving a professional image of a service and well-being company that listens to its customers' needs. 

​General conditions

Call connect is available as of 2 users. A VDSL2 Proximus Internet line is required for using Call Connect; Call Connect is intended for a minimum of two users. The price of €22 includes: unlimited calls 24/7 to all landlines in Belgium, 1,000 min./month to mobile numbers in Belgium, 1,000 min./month to all fixed and mobile numbers in Europe (except for special numbers) plus Canada, the United States, Morocco (only from fixed to fixed), and Turkey (only from fixed to fixed).

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