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Compose your pack

Compose your pack

Combine internet, landline and mobile


Ultra-fast and stable internet with up to 1Gbps download speed with fibre. Unlimited internet. Check if fibre is available for you.


Landline with VoIP on site or in the cloud with a call center. Get IT support for configuration.

Mobile 5G

Flexible plans with 5G. Up to 50 GB of data, unlimited calls and SMS.

Why choose Enterprise Pack Together?

A superior internet experience

Collaborate efficiently thanks to our fibre and 5G networks. An ultra fast and stable connection now also in each corner of your business with Wi-Fi 6.

A flexible solution evolving with you

Adapt your pack at any moment  according to your business needs.

Premium services

Mobile back up. Repair interventions on the same day. 24/7 assistance. Everything you need to ensure your business continuity.

Advanced security options

Securely access your company data on all your devices.

Our network welcomes all your great business ideas

Proximus is rolling out fiber and 5G for the self-employed, SMEs and enterprises. This network is ready for the future and welcomes all your great business ideas. Wondering how fiber and 5G can boost your business?

What our customers tell about us

Inne Helsen - Musica Impulscentrum voor Muziek

"The importance of good communication lies mainly in the fact that all colleagues are easily accessible and can also communicate easily, wherever they are."

Stefania Cappiello - Proximus

"The modular package can be expanded according to the customer's needs. Another advantage is that it is ideal for supporting the new trend of hybrid working. After all, you can switch seamlessly between landline and mobile telephony and thus remain contactable at all times."

Optional services in your Enterprise Pack Together

Mobile Backup

Network failure? Stay reachable. Mobile Backup automatically switches your internet traffic to the mobile network when your fix line is unavailable.

Mobile Backup remains permanently active on your line and takes over the traffic in the event of a breakdown.

  • No manipulation: the switchover is immediate and automatic.
  • No interruption of internet traffic. Your Internet applications remain available even during the switchover. You keep your IP address during the entire back-up period.
  • The data transmitted via the mobile network is free and unlimited during the outage, no matter how long it lasts.
  • No need to invest in a second fixed internet line as a backup.

Multiple IP addresses

If you have multiple servers or to access the data on your devices remotely.

If you have several servers, e.g. for your website, e-mail or surveillance cameras, and if you want to access that data remotely, you'll need several IP addresses.

Internet Security

Protect all your devices (smartphone, laptop, tablet and PC) with Norton Internet Security against viruses, spam, phishing and malware.

Protection is provided when a security application is installed and activated on each of the devices you wish to protect.

Advanced mobile security

Protect your employees' mobile devices with Mobile Threat Defense.

This is an advanced security option that protects your employees' mobile devices (smartphone or tablet) against different types of threats (phishing, device, network or application related).

International calls

Employees calling outside the EU?

Choose the International Calling option in addition to a Mobile L subscription to benefit from very advantageous rates.

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Need some help?

Our local Proximus Enterprise partners will advise you on the selection of your pack, according to your business needs and budget.

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Any more questions?

Enterprise Pack Together is a tailor-made package for SME with more than 10 employees. It combines internet, landline and mobile telephony. Internet and at least one of the telephony options are always included. Options for teleworking, business continuity in case of network disruption and mobile device protection can be added according to the company's needs.

You combine all your telecommunication needs in one package to give your SME the tools your employees need to work efficiently. You are always reachable for your customers regardless of their preferred communication channel. You have one operator, one contract to manage and an overview of all your costs. You benefit from personalised support from our professional partners.

The duration of contracts for companies with more than 10 employees is 24 months. Termination fees apply in case of breach of contract.

The special feature of Enterprise Pack Together is its flexibility. Throughout the term of the contract, the components of the package can be adapted to the changing needs of your SME. Need help to adapt your pack? Leave us your details via our contact formNew window. One of our local partners will contact you to guide you.

Our professional partners are here to guide you. Compose your pack online or leave us your details via our contact formNew window. One of our local partners will contact you to help you choose the elements of your Enterprise Pack Together that are best suited for your SME.

No. The installation costs for your Enterprise Pack Together worth of €159 excl. VAT are free. Whether you are an existing Proximus customer or a new customer, our professional partners will take care of everything, from managing your file to installation.

Business Flex

Your business counts less than 10 employees?