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APIs for Proximus technology

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Access to Proximus technology via APIs

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Proximus provides access to its technology via APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). With these APIs you can build an innovative IT solution by combining different blocks of related technologies.

Proximus FlexIO

FlexIO allows you to integrate voice and SMS applications into your applications and business processes through APIs or using our Visual Designer tool.

MyThings API

MyThings gives you an overview of all sensors and their connection status with the base station. Link logical actions to the sensors for smoother business processes.

Fixed Mobile Unification API

Integrate FMU via an API in your applications such as a badge system. Let your mobile phone switch between private and professional mode, controlled by your application or system.

Real time crowd management API

Anticipate crowds of people and improve the experience of your visitors.

Discover more APIs for the cloud, IoT, Big Data and telecom services on our API platform.

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Customer stories

Visit Brussels with a real-time city guide

The agency FamousGrey, in collaboration with Proximus, has developed a real-time city guide for Visit.Brussels, called now.brussels. With the app you can discover Brussels through the eyes of the real inhabitants.

Real-time tracking and monitoring make your work easier

The reliable network of Proximus and the smooth integration of the SMS API into our solutions allows us to adjust our clients’ systems much faster.

How the National Lottery manages 250 million game moments

Proximus created an API platform for the National Lottery to retrieve data from different systems (game platform, CRM, e-Lotto) at Lotto and integrate it into their app.

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GoodPlanet and Proximus launch new digital survey system that measures mobility behavior in schools

Eight Brussels test schools, together with Proximus, map the mobility behavior of their students via a digital survey system.

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