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Quick help from a business expert

Your exclusive customer service allows you to ask a question to a business expert via an online chat.

Receive a tailor-made solution for any question: technical, commercial, billing and administrative.

Advantages of online chat:

  • Your request is given priority
  • Fast answer within 2 minutes
  • One touchpoint until the problem is resolved
  • Follow-up of your request via MyProximus

Keep an overview

& manage your products and options in MyProximus app

View and pay your invoices directly

  • Notification of a new invoice
  • Download your invoices in PDF
  • Pay your bill in one click
  • View your expenses by address and phone number

Quick check of your usage details

With MyProximus, you can check your usage details at any time and receive notifications when the threshold is exceeded

Add options at any time

Do you want more data for your mobile subscriptions? Options to make international calls? It's easy in MyProximus.

Keep working with peace of mind

For greater efficiency

Do you need an insurance for your smartphone?

You can take out the Smartphone Omnium insurance directly in the app. You can also report a claim.

Smart Wi-Fi, anywhere in your office

Seamless connection:

  • Whatever you do
  • Regardless of the number of devices used simultaneously

Integration of services beyond your telco

To manage your day-to-day business

Your loyalty rewarded with Enjoy!

Get exclusive discounts and win unforgettable experiences directly via MyProximus. For customers only.

Start like a Pro

Find here inspiring tips and tricks to give your business a kick-start

Parking via 4411 in the MyProximus app

Manage your parking sessions easily and contactless in the MyProximus app with 4411. Billed by minute with no extra charge.

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