Starting my own business, with the right tools

"Starting my own business, with the right tools"

Starting your business?

Get tailored advice from Bizz Experts

Count on the Bizz Experts, our indispensable telecom specialists. They help you find the best and most cost-effective solution.

They give advice when you move, but also organize workshops on topics such as "Working in the cloud" or "Using your smartphone as a mobile office" and invite you to Starter events organized by our partners.

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a Bizz Expert Starters tip

"When I started out, I thought a lot about the contact number for my business."

Use a fixed telephone number for your business and link it to your smartphone.

  • Call customers with your smartphone without them seeing your mobile number, it remains private.
  • With the app, easily forward calls to any phone or your voicemail.
  • Change your phone number? No need to!

Keep your work and private life separate, your mobile number stays private.

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Contact Number

"I call more frequently for my business, also during the day"

Benefit from unlimited calls 24 hours a day and call worry-free, without risking bill shocks.

That way, you can put your energy in your new business, not in checking your bills.

Unlimited calls with Bizz All-in

Bizz All-in 24/7

"I want to consult my documents any time, any place"

Opt for sufficient mobile data and store your documents in the cloud.

With Bizz All-In, choose your mobile data volume for your smartphone and get free mobile data for your tablet.

And with 1 TB of secure storage in the cloud, also included as standard in Bizz All-In, you can consult your documents wherever and whenever you want.

I go for it


"I need to count on my Internet connection at all times"

Choose a solution with sufficient support and a quick restoration guarantee.

With Bizz All-In, you receive 24/24 support and a Bizz Expert will come by the same day if necessary.

Your business gets a good start!

Discover Bizz All-in


Bizz All-in: the all-in really suited to your business

All-In is the ideal all-in-one package for Starters, with Internet, a mobile phone, fixed phone, and even TV if you wish.

But that’s not all! You get your own domain name, take your fixed line with you on your smartphone and all your documents are available and secure in the cloud. Just what you need.

Compose your personal Bizz All-in

Free workshops for Starters

Join one of our workshops for self-employed. You’ll receive practical advice from digital experts, to apply immediately.

The information about the workshops is available in French.

Bizz SmartCafé

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Utilisez le cloud en toute sécurité

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Want to put your business on the map?

An extra boost is always welcome, especially when you're just starting out.

We’re not the only ones to give Starters a leg up. Our partners will make your life as a new entrepreneur a lot easier.



Walloon investment fund which supports start-ups in the digital sector.



Brussels Enterprises Commerce and Industry represents the interests of thousands of businesses.

Proximus Enco

Proximus EnCo

EnCo is the API toolbox of Proximus which allows developers to place their application on a digital marketplace.

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