Fiber to your building

Choose for the technology of the future

  • Stable,ultra-fast Internet
  • A sharper image than ever on every screen
  • Added value for your building

What exactly is fiber?

Fiber is the technology of the future. The fiber cables transmit data over long distances at the speed of light and thus offer many advantages. To ensure you the best possible performance, Proximus installs fiber at the heart of your home or business, unlike most other operators.

Why fiber in your building?

the technological standard of the future increases the value of your building.

less maintenance and repairs.

faster, seamless, uninterrupted internet for watching HD content, downloading files or playing online regardless of the number of people or devices connected at the same time.

You are syndic

Your owners and residents want fiber?

Is fiber available for your building?

You will be automatically contacted as soon as one of your buildings is in a fiber deployment area.

My building is located in the fiber zone

Your building is in the fiber deployment zone and you do not have any news yet?

What is the procedure?

How does fiber come into my building?

After the initial contact, our technical department carries out a building survey and sends you a description of the installation.

Inform your owners

Upon receipt of this signed document, inform them of the good news via this form. They will be invited to indicate their interest in the fiber.

You are owner or resident

You want fiber?

  1. Check if fiber is available for your home
  2. Check with your syndic if contacts have been established for the arrival of fiber in your building.
  3. Ask to be contacted as soon as the fiber is ready to be installed, leaving your details here.

Good news!
Installation and activation are free until the end of the work in your neighborhood.

Still have questions?

Our customer service answers all your questions:

What is fiber?
Why should I opt for fiber?
I’m interested in fiber. What do I need to do?
Is it true that getting connected to fiber is completely free of charge?

Another question? We certainly have an answer for you!

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