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As of 15/month

Bizz Online

As of 15/month

Choose the Bizz Online that suits your business

Bizz Online S
  • A complete and attractive web page
  • 1 language
  • Online within 2 days

15 /month

+ 50 start up costs

Bizz Online M
  • 4 pages for your website
  • Multilingual
  • Wide choice of designs

50 /month

+ 300 start up costs

Bizz Online L
  • A multipages website
  • Includes a blog/news/catalog
  • Fully customized design

70 /month

+ 500 start up costs

Compare the 3 Bizz Online
Always a Bizz Online that fits your business
More details Less details
Bizz Online S
Bizz Online M
Bizz Online L

Domain name/Webhosting

Professional email

Creating your Google MyBusiness account

Priority display on 1307.be

Photo Gallery



Integration of videos

Contact form

Catalog of your products

Logo design

News/Blog and customer reviews

Content management

15/month Order now 50/month Order now 70/month Order now

A website for a competitive price

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Be visible online with Google My Business

You are present and visible online through a professional website, well optimized for all mobile devices and perfectly findable by search engines such as Google.

A digital expert built with you your website and ensures its good SEO. You can reach your dedicated expert by chat, email, phone and via the management tool available to you.

With our Google Trusted Verifier certification, we immediately create and publish your Google My Business profile without any intervention from you needed. By typing the name of your company, you appear immediately in Google.

google business certified

Create your website in 5 steps

Step 1


You will receive an email from us immediately, with a link to log in to a portal. and you have the opportunity to be contacted by an expert to guide you.


Step 2


You provide us with all useful information about your business such as your logo, extra photos and the domain name.


Step 3


We send you the project between 2 and 21 days depending on the selected Bizz Online.


Step 4

The first version

You check everything in detail. If that proves necessary, we will of course adjust a few things for you.


Step 5


Is everything in perfect order? Perfect! You press the button and ensure that your website is online

At any point in the process, your assigned digital expert remains at your disposal.


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Romane, sports physiotherapy

"When you start as a young independent, you have to make yourself known. So it's true that a website is still a big plus. "

Minnie et Frenchie, restaurateurs

"The best in Bizz Online? I have absolutely NOTHING to do: I gave everything to the Proximus pros - a real treat!"

Any more questions?

I already have a website. What will happen to it?

It will remain online until you instruct us to publish the Bizz Online solution.

I already have a domain name; will I have to change it?

No, it will be transferred and will be used by Bizz Online. All the services linked to this domain name will remain active until the transfer. Our digital expert will help you find the transfer code at the appropriate time.

I already have a free DNS in my Bizz Pack; can I keep it?

Yes, it can be used for Bizz Online. And if your cancel the Bizz Pack, the latter will continue to be linked to your Bizz Online solution and remain free of charge (and vice versa).

How do I choose my Bizz Online solution (S, M or L)?
  • S: I want the business card of my company to be visible (name, business activity, opening hours, location and map, contact details)
  • M: I want to be able to give more information and provide details about my business on several pages. Moreover, I want a bilingual website
  • L:
    • I want to be able to change the structure and all content of my website myself
    • I want to insert a blog or information on a regular basis (e.g., events)
    • This website is completely personalizable with the help of my digital expert
I don't yet have an e-mail address linked to my domain name. How can I obtain one?

Our digital experts will create or link a mailbox to our domain name for you (e.g. info@mybusiness.be)


Unless provided to the contrary, your contract is concluded for a two-year term as from the date on which your online presence service is placed on line. You can terminate your contract in writing at any time. Proximus will in that case claim an indemnity equivalent to the total of the monthly fees still due. After the two-year term, the contract will be automatically converted into an open-ended contract.

Up to €500 off promotion

  • No charge for the creation of your website for all new Bizz Internet subscribers who opt for Bizz Office + TV or Bizz All-in.
  • Valid from 01/02 to 30/04/2019. The total value of the promotion corresponds to the one-time charge of the website creation: €50 for Bizz Online S, €300 for Bizz Online M, or €500 for Bizz Online L, notwithstanding any changes to the basic price of the product. The monthly fee linked to Bizz Online will remain due (€15/month for Bizz Online S, €50/month for Bizz Online M and €70/month for Bizz Online L).
  • Two-year contract as from the moment your service is put online.
  • If you cancel your contract, Proximus will claim compensation equal to the total of the remaining monthly fees. After two years, the contract will be automatically converted into an open-ended contract, which you can cancel any time without charge.
  • Cannot be combined with other promotions.

How much does it cost to create a website?

Bizz Online Monthly price Start up charge
Bizz Online L €70 €500
Bizz Online M €50 €300
Bizz Online S €15 €50


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