Proximus reinvents the mobile network with 5G

First 5G network in Belgium

Proximus is committed to innovation and as you would expect from us, we were the first in Belgium to launch a 5G network. An important first step towards a hyper-connected future with 5G.
5G provides an infrastructure that can cope with the exponential growth of data consumption and can support a multitude of devices to operate at the same time. With a high level of quality, of course.

Advantage of 5G

Higher resolution without delay

High-resolution video files with exceptional sharpness, without any sign of delay. Working with and receiving important files and images in high resolution, even when you're away from your desk, will be child's play.

Keep working, even when you're on the move

Do video meetings as if you were in the office together? Don't worry, the quality remains excellent and so does your experience!

Fields of application for 5G

Discover some areas where 5G will make the difference

The 5G on a daily basis

Do you take virtual tours of apartments or houses?
Don't worry, thanks to the high speed and excellent image quality, the experience of your customers is excellent.

Internet of Things

From the connected oil tank to the location of your equipment in real time, the internet of connected objects is everywhere, even where you wouldn't expect it.

What do you need?

With a 5G smartphone

The frequency of 5G is different from that of 4G or 3G, so you need a smartphone that is compatible with the Proximus 5G network and can support these speeds.
Currently, several smartphones work on our 5G network. We will expand our offer as soon as possible.

I take the 5G subscription

Where is 5G available?

The 5G network will also be rolled out gradually. To find out if 5G is available in your area, consult our interactive map.

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5G can save lives in healthcare, but what about health of the users?

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