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78% of customers turn to online search, before buying in a shop
Source: Google/Ipsos

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In order to attract your customers and distinguish yourself from your competitors, a website, with an online shop if needed, is essential.
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I already have a website. What will happen to it?

It will remain online until you instruct us to publish the Bizz Online solution.

How do I choose my Bizz Online solution (S, M or L)?
  • Bizz Online S: I want the business card of my company to be visible (name, business activity, opening hours, location and map, contact details)
  • Bizz Online M: I want to be able to give more information and provide details about my business on several pages. Moreover, I want a bilingual website
  • Bizz Online L:
    • I want to be able to change the structure and all content of my website myself
    • I want to insert a blog or information on a regular basis (e.g., events)
    • This website is completely personalizable with the help of my digital expert
I already have a domain name; will I have to change it?

No, it will be transferred and will be used by Bizz Online. All the services linked to this domain name will remain active until the transfer. Our digital expert will help you find the transfer code at the appropriate time.

I already have a free DNS in my Bizz Pack; can I keep it?

Yes, it can be used for Bizz Online. And if your cancel the Bizz Pack, the latter will continue to be linked to your Bizz Online solution and remain free of charge (and vice versa).

I don't have yet an e-mail address linked to my domain name. How can I obtain one?

Our digital experts will create or link a mailbox to our domain name for you (e.g. info@mybusiness.be)

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Luc easily reaches his customers thanks to Bizz Online.
Saar Vangeel, Starter, has chosen to create its website, Greenkit, with Bizz Online.
Saar Vangeel
Anouk, Sports coach chose to create her website with Bizz Online.
sports coach
Sébastien, called on Bizz Online to ensure his online visibility.
garden contractor


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