Surely you are not waiting for a security breach?

Published on 15/03/2024 in News

ICT networks and security evolve quickly. Are you finding the necessary expertise in time? Proximus NXT VITO Sales manager Reinout Genbrugge explains how his teams support the public & health sector with the “VITO ICT Infra 2023” frame agreement.

Surely you are not waiting for a security breach?

From the Flemish government to local administrations and from healthcare to research centers and schools, public institutions today are urged by digital transformation to rely much more on ICT for their operations and services than in the past. “Just think of the amount of confidential data that must be managed to ensure continuity of operations. By now, anyone who has been following the news recently knows that cybercriminals increasingly see these institutions as targets of choice,” says Reinout.

ICT is not only indispensable, I often see how it also becomes very complex for public institutions.

Reinout Genbrugge, Sales manager VITO at Proximus NXT


“ICT is not only indispensable, I often see how it also becomes very complex for public institutions,” continues Reinout. “I am not just talking about the need for expertise for ICT security, but also the broader context around connectivity and communications. All these domains – basically ICT networks and security – are covered by the ‘VITO ICT Infra 2023’ frame agreement. It offers low-threshold solutions for the public sector.”

Complete offer

With the frame agreement, VITO, the Flemish Institution for Technological Research, aims to facilitate access to essential ICT services. “That means public institutions no longer have to set up their own RFP procedure with tender specifications and bidding rules that usually apply. That administrative simplification alone makes a huge difference. In addition, all desired services around ICT networks and cybersecurity covered by the frame agreement can be sourced through a user-friendly portal and they are offered at advantageous rates,” explains Reinout.

Proximus NXT does not only offer their own telecom and ICT expertise, we also combine a portfolio that bundles network and security solutions from close to 30 partners. “All of them are specialized A-brands, both Belgian and international. This empowers us to deliver an integrated portfolio, positioning us as the guiding partner for public institutions in navigating the dynamic ICT market more effectively than ever,” concludes Reinout.

Peace of mind for seven years

The frame agreement covers a minimum of four years, with possible extension to seven years. Public institutions are thus assured that Proximus NXT will offer support throughout that period. “Thinking along with the customer over the long term is typical of how we at Proximus NXT approach digital transformation,” Reinout stresses.

“I think ICT expertise has never been more within reach. Questions around such topics as NIS2, cyber resilience, secure work environments, or sovereign cloud are all welcomed by our experts.”

Did you know that Proximus NXT…

  • is the largest ICT integrator in Belgium with over 600 million in IT revenues?
  • has 350 dedicated security experts ready to help you?
  • can offer every network and security solution in-house through its 30 partners?
  • can help you address any ICT issue?

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