What is a telephone exchange in the cloud?

Published on 06/05/2020 in Solutions & services

A telephone exchange in the cloud or virtual IPBX is provided as a hosted service in the cloud. It is intangible and enables a connection to be established from any location, via a simple Proximus internet or Explore VPN connection. But what are the advantages of a cloud exchange?

What is a telephone exchange in the cloud?

Infrastructure: entirely in the cloud

With a telephone exchange in the cloud, the devices (fixed IP phones, wireless DECT phones, smartphones, softphones) are simply connected to the internet or Explore VPN and it receives the signal from the server in the cloud. The calls, the signaling and the functions of the telephone exchange are managed by the provider’s IP-PBX server.

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Start-up and costs

The provider charges you a monthly subscription cost for access to the services provided. This subscription includes your current Voice Over IP numbers (VoIP), voice channels, a package containing national and international call minutes, telephone exchange functions, voicemail and softphone as well as a few extra functions as options. Telephone devices can be chosen as an option. In addition, your company can keep the same telephone numbers (dozens of them) because they are migrated to the telephone exchange in the cloud. Your customers always call you on the same numbers.

Management: online portal

With a telephone exchange in the cloud, you opt for a telephone exchange-as-a-service. The provider hosts the network and the services in its data centers and takes care of the installation. All you have to do is log in to the online web portal to manage your settings yourself, such as user profiles, call routing, contacts and call logs.


Your provider takes care of security. You do not need to do anything.

Work from a distance as if at the office

The telephone exchange in the cloud provides all applications as a service via internet so that your staff can work everywhere with the same experience. Whether at home, on the road or at the office, employees have a virtual telephone (softphone) on their laptop, PC, tablet or smartphone as standard. As an option, employees can establish a connection with their desktop applications (Microsoft O365), their unified communications in the cloud and their CRM or ERP business applications.

Compare all our solutions for a telephone exchange

Telephone exchange in the cloud

  • Telephone exchange-as-a-service
  • Monthly subscription costs
  • All functions hosted by provider in the cloud
  • Provider guarantees security

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Hybrid telephone exchange

  • Own IT infrastructure supplemented by cloud
  • One-off investment with subscription
  • Functions in house and in the cloud
  • Own network with physical firewalls

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Combine the best of two worlds: A hybrid telephone exchange combines the best of two worlds. You use your existing on-premises infrastructure and hardware and add extra services that are provided via the cloud.

How do you choose?

Each system has its advantages. The right choice depends on the needs of your company. Do you have several sites? How big is your company? Is your company growing quickly? etc.

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