Factory of the future

Published on 13/04/2018 in Customer Stories

Factory of the future

In the new Lantmännen Unibake plant in Londerzeel, the walkie-talkie is a thing of the past. To ensure that everyone can be reached, the staff now communicate using smartphones via Push-to-Talk.

In June 2015, a serious fire completely destroyed the site in Londerzeel. An emergency plan came into force, enabling Lantmännen Unibake to guarantee the services provided to their customers. New company premises were built on the site in Londerzeel in record time. In September 2016, Lantmännen Unibake began using the new production plant.

Factory of the Future award

“The previous factory had been extended bit by bit,” recalls Financial Director Mieke Vandecasteele. “Now we had the opportunity to review the entire concept of the plant.” The result earned Lantmännen Unibake the Agoria award Factory of the Future. The new building covers 18,000 square meters. There is a lot of open space with long production lines. “When a line comes to a standstill, you naturally want to be able to do something as quickly as possible. The staff concerned used to be relatively close to one another. Now the distances are far greater.”

Fiber as the solution

Because the new company premises are built mainly of concrete and steel, the mobile coverage was not adequate everywhere. “Fiber came as far as the door,” Mieke explains. “There Proximus installed a base station, from where cabling goes to the various mobile antennae in the building.” So the staff at Lantmännen Unibake have mobile coverage everywhere: at the production lines and in the offices, but also in the heavily insulated cold and freezer rooms and in the elevators.

We have mobile coverage of 18,000 m2. Even in the heavily insulated cold- and freezer rooms and in the elevators.

Mieke Vandecasteele, Finance & IT Director at Lantmännen Unibake

Talking in groups

The staff have a smartphone and the Push-to-Talk app. “With that, you can communicate very easily with a group of staff, just as you would do with a walkie-talkie.” When a line went down in the past, the staff member in charge had to call all the colleagues concerned one by one. Now he or she can talk to them as a group, which means that a solution can be found far more quickly. The mobile indoor coverage gives the service staff on the lines mobile internet access and enables them to use specific apps. “At Lantmännen Unibake, customer service always comes first,” Mieke concludes. “The digital story – and hence the mobile coverage in the plant – has a part to play here, too.”

More info about Mobile Indoor Coverage

Lantmännen Unibake is a Swedish group of 37 industrial bakeries in 20 countries, together employing a total of 5,800 staff and turning over EUR 1.2 billion. In Belgium, the group has production plants in Londerzeel, Ganshoren and Mouscron. The distribution center for the Benelux and part of southern Europe is also located in Londerzeel.

Mieke Vandecasteele gained a master’s degree in Finance & Risk Management, among other things. She now works as Finance & IT Director at Läntmannen Unibake, where she has been since 2009.


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