Manage your mobile numbers in a few clicks in MyProximus

Published on 02/10/2020 in Webinars

Manage your mobile numbers in a few clicks in MyProximus


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Webinar Mobile Number Management in MyProximus: manage your mobile number in a few clicks

Discover how you can quickly and easily manage and analyse your mobile numbers via Mobile Number Management in MyProximus.

An indispensable tool for every fleet manager!


  • Introduction of the tool: added value and benefits
  • Demo of the most important functionalities
    • Overview of your mobile numbers and most important information about these numbers
    • Activate new mobile numbers for your company
    • Make changes to your mobile numbers (change tariff plan, add options,...).
    • Monitoring the status of these changes
    • New features for 2021
  • Q&A with our experts

The webinar is only available in Dutch & French.

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