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Your Internet of Things project made real with Proximus

Published on 08/11/2017 in Solutions & services

Your Internet of Things project made real with Proximus

You are convinced by the potential benefits the IoT could have on your projects. But you’re not quite sure where to begin? Proximus is the ideal partner to help you move forward and we with you every step of the way.

The IoT and my business

The strategy for digital transformation is built upon three pillars. To prepare for your transition, it is important that you know them and understand how you are going to implement them within your business:

  1. Customer Experience: it’s important to have an intelligent understanding of your customer. You’ll need to optimise the customer experience through permanent availability (always-on), coherent response times and secured systems.
  2. Flexible organisation: co-workers are looking for adapted work methodologies. Contact moments with clients, partners and colleagues are happening at different times and places through new communication channels. Smart partnerships are essential. You must introduce a culture of co-creation in which open discussions between collaborators and partners can lead to the development of new business models.
  3. Operational excellence: process optimisation is key here. It is based on automation, remote device monitoring and system control, preventive maintenance and smart management of infrastructure (lighting, heating, access gates…). Optimisation frees up time to prioritise other essential tasks.

With this digital transformation, everybody is connected: clients, suppliers, staff and partners and all operate within a single and unique ecosystem. Devices and smart objects are also connected to businesses and each other. The constant flux of data generated by these devices amongst themselves introduces real-time information on the status of machinery, engines, gates, sensors, etc.

How can Proximus help me achieve this digital transformation?

Proximus is your partner of choice to help you make this transition, as we have considerable experience in the optimisation of automation processes. Find out more about the tools we offer to prepare your business for the future:

  • Access to the LoRaWAN network: the national network that transmits small quantities of information between connected devices and systems with ultra-low power consumption.
  • M2M, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi solutions: the guarantee of strong and reliable connectivity solutions.
  • The Proximus MyThings platform: This IoT platform is a one-stop solution. It can manage all types of connectivity and consists of three facets: sensor management, connectivity management and data analysis.
  • IoT partners: Thanks to its specialised partners, Proximus is able to offer solutions for every need.
  • The devices: Proximus offers several different sensors.
  • Expertise: Proximus IoT experts can help you identify the things you need to do in your business and help you develop a strategy to implement them.

As George Colony, CEO of Forrester Research, put it: “You are the CEO and, you still don’t understand this new digital world? It is time to fire yourself!” So, take the plunge!

Would you like to know more about the Internet of Things and discover how we can help you become a digital leader? Discover our IoT solutions here or get in contact with us.

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