Data and Goliath

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Data and Goliath
People have to cherish their privacy as a valuable commodity.

The subtitle of this book ‘The hidden battles to collect your data and control your world’ says it all: there is a war going on. Not a war for turf, but for your data. Cell phone companies, search engines, social media networks and security agencies know more about us than we could ever imagine. The good news: there are ways to fight back and reclaim control over your data.

Why should you read this?

In ‘Data and Goliath’, Schneier explains how, over the past few decades, step by step, our privacy has disappeared. The rapid advancements in cell phone technology, GPS, the Internet and PCs have created a new, much-sought-after currency: personal data. And both companies and governments are very interested in this.

About the author

Bruce Schneier (New York, 1963) is an American computer scientist, cryptographer and privacy specialist. He is a fellow at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School and is a member of the board of the Electronic Frontier Foundation. He has written several books on cryptography and IT-security and is commonly regarded as one of the top thinkers in his field.

About the book

There is a whole industry devoted to tracking people, to find out what they buy, what they think, where they are, were they have been and even where they will be in the future. Schneier paints a picture of a world where there is no more privacy and the harm that this causes. 

More people than ever before are willing to give up their privacy, mostly out of negligence (“I have nothing to hide”). Schneier shows why this is dangerous. The book is certainly not anti-technology. Schneier acknowledges the huge benefits that the Internet has brought to humanity. The author also provides useful tips on how to behave online and what programs to use, to cover your tracks as much as possible.

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