What do you do if your phone screen breaks? The right things to do in 6 steps.

Published on 15/06/2017 in Tech, tips & tricks

What do you do if your phone screen breaks? The right things to do in 6 steps.

It only takes an instant: you drop your mobile and the screen cracks. How can you prevent it? And what if it happens anyway? Six handy tips.

  1. Prevention

    It’s best to take some precautions that can significantly reduce the risk of damage to your phone screen. A mobile phone case is certainly a good idea. Choose one that covers the screen so that it is protected, too. They are available in all price categories, but you’ll find something suitable for less than € 20. In any case, a new screen will cost a lot more… Avoid using your mobile while doing sport or cycling. If it hits the ground, the damage will be far worse.

  2. Be sure to make a back-up

    If you take your phone in to be repaired, it’s handy to have a back-up of all your important data. Especially if your screen is so badly damaged that a back-up is no longer possible. You can opt for an external hard drive or an online back-up in the cloud, such as OneDrive. Our advice: combine online and offline back-ups to be quite sure.

  3. Use the warranty

    Manufacturers are obliged to supply a reliable product. So law requires a two-year warranty. If your screen shatters, for instance, when you just put your phone down, that is a manufacturing defect and you are entitled to a free repair or a new phone. Within six months of purchase, you simply have to prove the defect. After this, you have to be able to prove that the fault existed when the device was purchased (which basically comes down to an expert appraisal). 

    The law does assume that you use the device “properly”. Suppose you drop your phone through carelessness. In that case, you are at fault and the legal warranty does not apply. So you bear the cost. 

    Some manufacturers also give you an additional extended warranty. The terms and conditions differ from one company to another.

  4. Never again without a phone thanks to Smartphone Omnium

    Can you really not manage without a smartphone? Then it’s best to be well protected. With Smartphone Omnium, for instance. This not only covers the repairs, but also entitles you to a courtesy device the same day (in Belgium) or the next day (within the European Union). Protect your smartphone against theft or loss, too.

  5. Make do

    Is your screen not that badly damaged? Can you still use the touch screen? In that case, you might not have to replace it at all. If your Home button is broken, then using the device is a lot more awkward, but even that can be resolved. On an iPhone, go to ‘Settings’ – ‘General’ – ‘Accessibility’. Click on ‘AssistiveTouch’ and turn this function on. The home button moves to your screen and you can operate it from there. On Android there are even a few special apps available, such Button Savior.

  6. Repair

    Is your screen past saving? Good advice: unless you really know what you are doing, leave the job to the professionals. Separate screens are for sale on the Internet by the score, but you need special tools and the right knowledge to install them. Definitely do not start repairs yourself if the device is still under warranty. It’s best to return it to the manufacturer or hand it in at a repair shop. The first option is the safest, but in many cases you will be without your mobile for some time. If you opt for a repair shop (“ready while you wait”), ask whether the repairer uses original and certified parts. Check whether you get a warranty on the repair. A salesman who does not believe in his own wares is sure to have good reason for this. Something else to think about: it is highly likely that your manufacturer’s warranty will become void if you have the repair work done by a third party.

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