A mobile website? It’s a must-have for your business.

Published on 03/09/2018 in Inspiration

Do you sometimes surf on your phone? If so, you must have noticed that modern websites look different on a mobile device than on a computer. What’s more: many new sites are often first designed for mobile and only later for the desktop. Why? Well, both your customers and search engines are happier when you have a smart, mobile-friendly, website.

A mobile website? It’s a must-have for your business.
User-friendliness sells

User friendliness, also known as user experience or UX, is crucially important for a website. Is the lay-out of your website just a smaller copy of the one to be found on your desktop website? This will often send your visitors surfing away from your mobile website to those of your competitors.

A website that loads quickly, is well-defined and easy to navigate will encourage visitors to stick around for more. A visitor that gets to know your business better will quite naturally move towards a first purchase.

In Belgium, 38.2% of all internet usage is through the mobile, and this percentage keeps on rising. Does your business not have a mobile website? The consequent lack of user-friendliness means you are missing out on a lot of potential customers.

Google prefers mobile

Is your website designed to adapt to the device that is used to access it? This type of responsive design increases your website’s ranking score on Google. And no wonder: big buttons and clear copy improve your visitors’ experience. They’ll stay on your pages for longer, making the Google suggestion even more relevant.

A mobile website doesn’t just result in visitors staying on your pages longer. It also increases the flow of visitors coming from search engines. As whoever ranks higher on Google gets more visitors, more prospects, more customers and therefore more revenue.

Want to know if Google finds your website mobile-friendly? Try this handy test!

No mobile website as yet? You are essentially ignoring almost half of your visitors. This means you won’t be able to convince as many new customers as your competitors, who do have a responsive site. That’s too bad, especially as it’s now easier and cheaper than ever to build mobile-friendly websites.

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