Free one-pager: How (and what) to post on social media

Published on 05/03/2018 in Tech, tips & tricks

Free one-pager: How (and what) to post on social media

Big companies hire specialized teams that take care of posting, sharing, liking and updating their social media channels. As a small entrepreneur, that seems to you to be quite a job that you don’t have the time, money or knowledge to do. And yet there are scores of ideas to help you draw attention to your business on social media without too much trouble.

What should I post on social media?
  1. Share your knowledge
    You don’t have to look far for inspiration. As an entrepreneur, you have a lot of experience. Share it on social media, in a text post, for instance. That way, you position yourself as an entrepreneur with specialized knowledge. Don’t have the time to write it yourself? In that case, share posts from others with relevant information for your target audience that you support.
  2. Tips and how-tos
    A very efficient way of highlighting your know-how. Give your audience information that they can use to get down to work themselves. Think about a bicycle maker who explains how to replace and maintain your bicycle chain, a photographer who give tips for the perfect landscape photo, a baker who shares his recipe for spiced biscuits, etc.
  3. Take a photo.
    Look around you... The material to feed your Facebook page or Twitter feed is there for the taking. A new colleague? A business trip abroad? A satisfied customer? Capture them on film and share! A post with a photo has a 32% bigger chance of being liked.
  4. Make a video testimonial
    People who talk about your business on camera give you a gigantic boost on social media. Again, don’t look too far: a colleague, a satisfied customer, a supplier, etc. What’s more, the camera on the most recent smartphones is good enough to get the job done.
  5. Organize a question & answer session.
    Short surveys are a good way of activating your network. Plus you find out more about your target audience in one fell swoop. Checks or stripes on your curtains? Red or blue car? LED or incandescent bulb? Ask the question!
How much and when should I post?

As an entrepreneur, you don’t have the time to send posts every day. If you post something once a month, then obviously you won’t get much out of it. So what is a good rhythm? Anissa Bougrea of “I think three posts a week is good. And then you have to give it at least a year to build something up and collect fans and followers.”

Alternate the type of posts. Text, image, video, etc. Experiment and keep an eye on what works well. If you notice that a post scores well and remains relevant, feel free to send it again later.

Check how (and what) to post on social media!

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