Morgane Vanhelmont: “In my job, I just can’t go without!”

Published on 01/08/2017 in Your stories

Morgane Vanhelmont: “In my job, I just can’t go without!”

Morgane Vanhelmont really is the hands-on type: not afraid to roll up her sleeves and get cracking. Two years ago this young starter, she’s only 23, set up her own events agency. Without a formal diploma, because she didn’t have that yet.

Morgane takes care of everything, down to the smallest detail. But she could never do that without her trusty companion, the one who’s by her side 24 hours a day. “In my job, he’s just indispensable,” she freely admits. So, who’s that exceptional character who gets all the credit? Well, it’s her smartphone with mobile internet, of course. Hey, what did you expect?

“I love making people happy. It gives me tremendous satisfaction.”
As a little girl Morgane – as most little girls are wont to – adored wedding parties. So she turned her childhood passion into a profession. But that’s not all she does. These days she creates all types of events, for individuals and companies. Or as she herself likes to put it: Caplife is there for every moment in your life.

“Google is my best friend.”
“When I’m not organising an event, I answer mails or call my customers or suppliers. And, above all else: I spend whole days on Google searches. Locations, caterers, rental companies, decoration, … Without internet, I would spend 20 times as many hours getting everything together. Imagine having to go through the yellow pages, through catalogues without count or physically visiting every possible location. It’s just unimaginable!”

Social media: the new word of mouth advertising
Whether it’s on her pc, tablet or smartphone, this young businesswoman is always online. “And not just to do research or find new ideas on Pinterest or Instagram. I also manage my own web site, finances and social media. I post regular updates on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.”

“Work without my smartphone and the internet? Impossible!”

Never without smartphone
Morgane’s iPhone vibrates. A quick glance at the screen: another incoming mail. “Those notifications, that’s just brilliant. I never miss another message. And, frankly speaking, I couldn’t go without apps like WhatsApp or Messenger. I use them to communicate with customers, friends and family. Other must-have apps: a calculator, photo editing, Waze (GPS) and the weather forecast. Especially that last one is indispensable when you’re doing events. But unfortunately the app is often more reliable than the weather…

A while back a beautiful day was forecasted, but a couple of hours later the clouds rolled in and the rain started pouring down. Pure horror! So I frantically searched online for some last minute umbrella’s and a tent.” She smiles at the memory. “Oh well, all in a day’s work. And to be honest, that’s a big part of the attraction: the pure adrenaline rush of every job.”

Once bitten, twice shy
In the past, Morgane’s already had some trouble with her pc. As a result, she permanently lost quite some files. Since then she has made a habit of synchronising all her devices (agenda, photos, contacts, …) and of saving files in the cloud and on her Dropbox. As a nice side-effect, that also means she can access all her files anytime and anywhere with one simple click.

“It was at a wedding,” she says, “ and I’d put my file folder on a table in the open air. One gust of wind was all it took to send my seating, contact list and guest list flying. Those are the moments where you’re really glad you made a back up in the cloud. With my smartphone and mobile internet, I quickly got on with things using the online versions of my files. As if nothing had happened.”



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