Why is it no longer possible to add something in the cloud?

If you have used up all your storage space, you will no longer be able to upload new files into the cloud.
However, you will still be able to perform operations that have no impact on your storage volume, such as downloading or sharing files.

To avoid such a situation, we recommend that you regularly check to see how much storage space you have left. If necessary, you can free up some space or buy more space.

Checking how much storage space you still have left

On the start screen of the Cloud application, click the Cloud icon to obtain information about how much storage space you have used up and how much is left..
A window will open with the following information:

  • Total: the total volume of space of your account.
  • Used: the volume of the files stored.
  • In the Trash can : the volume of deleted files.
  • Free: the remaining volume.
  • Read only (only with the PC, Mac and Web application): your account is automatically switched to "Read only" if you no longer have any free storage space left or if your subscription has expired.
  • Storage settings (only with the PC and Mac application): add your files via automatic back-up.

Purchasing additional storage space

On the start screen of the Cloud application, click the Cloud icon and then on "Purchase more space" to buy more volume.
It is only possible to purchase more storage space via the Cloud application on your PC or Mac, not if you consult Cloud via the Web or on your mobile or tablet.

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