Two SIM cards with the same number

Would you like to use 2 mobile phones with the same number? If so, visit a point of sale and request 2 SIM cards and activate the pay-for ProxiDuo option. The SIM cards don’t have to be the same size. For instance, it is possible to request a regular SIM card and a micro-SIM card.

This option is only available if you have solely a mobile subscription.

The 2 SIM cards work independently of each other and each has its own individual memory. In practice, this means that:

  • If you want to use the m-banxafe services, you can do so only with one SIM card. That card will have the m-banxafe logo  printed on it.
  • If you change the PIN code of one SIM card, the PIN code of the other SIM card will remain unchanged. The PUK code is always the same for both SIM cards.
  • If you manually program lists of telephone numbers or networks abroad, you should do so for both SIM cards.

Always switch off one mobile phone before switching on the other. If you accidentally switch on both phones, turn off both and then switch on the phone you want to use.

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