Bizz Internet Guarantee - Modem 4G, the practical guide

You have Bizz Internet Guarantee? 4G modem will guarantee your internet connection. We explain how to place it in your home, install it and how to solve possible problems.

Correctly place your 4G modem

It is essential that you place your 4G modem correctly. You must install it:

  • in an open area. Not in a cabinet!
  • in a place that has a good 4G connection. You can check this by looking at the 4G connection bars on your smartphone.
  • close enough to your b-box modem to be able to connect the b-box and the 4G modem via an ethernet cable. If the cable supplied in the box is too short, you will find ethernet cables of all sizes in electronics stores.
  • not too close to electrical appliances because the 4G modem can be disturbed by the presence of other electrical appliances.

Installing the 4G modem

Follow our online guide to install the 4G modem.
Install the 4G modem step by step Opens a new window

Any problems after installation? Check the 4G modem LEDs

The four LEDs on the 4G modem must always be on.
 If one of them is off, there is a problem that may prevent the 4G modem from guaranteeing your Internet connection.

 Power LED.
 The 4G modem must always remain switched on. If the Power LED is off, check that the power cable is properly connected and turn on the modem.

Network LED.
The more bars lit, the better the reception of the 4G signal. If necessary, change the location of the 4G modem to find a place where the connection is better. Warning: reception may be hindered by the presence of electronic devices too close to the modem.

Proximus connection LED.
If it is switched off, the 4G modem is not connected to the Proximus mobile network. Change it to find a place where it connects to the Proximus network.

Modem connection LED.
If it is off, check that the ethernet cable is plugged into the 4G modem on one side and into the b-box modem on the other side.