Wireless Office Extended

Wireless Office Extended

Wireless Office Extended is a fixed-mobile convergent service, which allows you to reduce your telecom costs while benefiting from the advantages of a fixed line on your mobile!


  • Substantial savings: increase the mobility of your employees while reducing your telecom costs.
  • Ease of use: the same features on your mobile as on your fixed phone
  • More flexibility: the operational management of relocations, new assignments, the recruitment of new employees, the optimization of space used becomes easier to manage
  • Increased productivity: your employees work more flexible and efficient. They can always be reached at a single number, have a single voicemail and list of phone contacts
Wireless Office Extended advantages
In detail
  • Free fixed-to-mobile calls, provided that both the caller and the called party are in Belgium
  • Free mobile-to-fixed calls and mobile-to-mobile calls between colleagues
  • A rate similar to the fixed rates for mobile calls to fixed lines in Belgium and abroad
  • Cheaper SMS messages

Thanks to Wireless Office Extended, you are able to use the flowing features on your mobile phone:

  • Call Transfer: allows a Wireless Office Extended mobile member to put a caller on hold, call another party, and set up a direct call between these two parties
  • Conference Call: allows a Wireless Office Extended mobile member to set up a call with several parties simultaneously. A Conference Call can be made with up to five additional partie
  • Call Forwarding: allows you to redirect calls to another fixed or mobile number or a voicemail box.
  • Handling two simultaneous calls: allows you to:
    • Ignore an incoming call and forward it to the voicemail box.
    • End your current call and accept a second call.
    • Put one call on hold and answer another call.
  • Abbreviated dialing: All Wireless Office Extended members can use a private numbering plan (PNP) to make calls. Given the legal and technical limitations for using abbreviated numbers, the PNP has to be defined by the customer together with Proximus.