Need tailor made advice?

Training & adoption

Support in the implementation of digital solutions

  • Effective user adoption
  • Action plan in measurable steps
  • Information and training sessions

Are your employees on board?

The efforts invested in your digital workplace will amount to little if your employees don't fully embrace it.

Employees should be able to understand why the digital workplace is being rolled out and be able to learn and practice working with it before they can properly apply it.

Defining an effective user adoption together

A User Adoption Manager from Proximus will collaborate with your change manager/team to draw up a three-step plan. This plan is modular and flexible.

Evaluation via workshops

  • Mapping the current situation
  • Defining measurable objectives
  • Estimating expected resistance

Action plan

  • Drawing up an action plan in measurable steps
  • Based on specific user profiles
  • Defining an efficient 360° communication strategy

Follow-up and support

  • Promoting awareness and engagement
  • Information and training sessions
  • Coaching and support for change manager/team