Proximus Privilege

Exclusive privileges for your personal Proximus services

  • 24/7 personalized support
  • Superior Wi-Fi
  • Exclusive benefits
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Enjoy a 5-star service

Did your preschooler just play 'smash the smartphone'? Is Wi-Fi browsing a pain at your holiday home? Or want to easily and quickly change your mobile rate plan?

With Proximus Privilege, you benefit from a true five-star service with ultra-fast solutions tailored to your needs.

Fixed monthly rate of €125 (excl. VAT)
One-off entry fee of €415 (excl. VAT)

Your Privilege benefits

24/7 personalized service

Your personal Privilege Dedicated Advisor goes the extra mile for you and is always available by phone or email. Our team is available 24/7 to answer all your technical and commercial questions. We guarantee fast assistance anywhere in Belgium and proactive check-ups of your subscriptions, installations and rate plans twice a year.

Wi-Fi everywhere you go

Going to your holiday home? No problem! We provide the connection and also boost your internet in Belgium wherever you want it (up to 3 residences in Belgium). No more weak Wi-Fi signal.

Exceptional events

We invite you to unique gastronomic, sports or cultural events based on your preferences. Perfect for networking with other members of the Proximus Privilege community. And you are at the front of the queue to get your tickets for popular concerts and summer festivals.

Gifts for you

Not only do we have a present for you each year-end, but we also spoil you on your birthday. Or perhaps you want to gift yourself the latest smartphone? If so, we can ensure you are at the front of the queue to get one.

Become a member

Join the Privilege Club now and enjoy all its exclusive benefits.

Fill out the contact form or call us at 02 251 00 00, we will be happy to answer you.

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