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Benefit from personalized service

  • Technical fault?
  • Lost smartphone?
  • Require an extra connection?
  • Defective tablet?
  • Change your rate plan?

No problem. All your technical or commercial questions are solved in no time.

With Proximus Privilège, you benefit from excellent, personalized service.


  • Fixed monthly rate of €125 (excl. VAT)
  • One-off entry fee of €415 (excl. VAT).

Your privileges

Quick, personal contact

An excellent service is crucial. As a Privilège member, you're therefore assigned a single contact person who personally helps you with all your questions or problems.

One e-mail or call, and everything is sorted out for you. Your file is in good hands.

At your service 24/7

No empty promises. Your contact person answers your questions immediately: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If need be, our technical team will spring into action immediately: you are assisted on-site within 4 hours. Wherever you are in Belgium.

Quick follow-up

Each question or problem is carefully followed up. We provide a high-quality solution and regularly ask for your feedback.

Twice a year, we proactively check your installation, subscriptions, and rate plans. This way, your services are always perfectly adapted to your individual needs.

Welcome to Proximus events

Every year, Proximus organizes a variety of sporting and cultural events. As a Privilège member, you are invited to events that might interest you.

You will then be received as a Privilège guest. It's our way of thanking you for placing your trust in Proximus.

I want it more exclusive

Then become a Proximus Privilège member

Call 02 203 01 49 or fill in the contact form.

Our Privilège account managers will be happy to come and discuss it with you.

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