Mobile devices managed by experts

  • Carefree use of mobile fleet
  • Personalised web portal
  • Personal MMS-expert

Mobile Managed Services

Outsource the complete management of your mobile devices to our MMS experts. We take care of your SIM cards, mobile devices, reporting and much more via personalised web portals.

MMS Plus, the most complete solution

Outsource all or part of your mobile device management. You will have the same contact person for all transactions during the entire contract period:

  • Management of all mobile devices and SIM cards
  • Personalized web portal integrated into your business system, where you can ask questions or purchase smartphones
  • Tailor-made reporting for the right insights in your business
  • Personalized advice and training
  • Advanced configuration of your devices

Together with you, we determine the approach for optimal management of your mobile fleet.

A carefree transition to Proximus

Would you just like support when switching from your old operator to Proximus? Choose MMS Welcome or Welcome + for the necessary support.


For a smooth transfer
  • Support for number porting and activation of new SIM cards
  • Configuration of new SIM cards and devices
  • On-site interventions
  • Helpdesk throughout the process
  • Training and information about the Proximus services provided

Welcome +

Leave the transfer completely to our experts

All the benefits of Welcome and lots of extras:

  • Full setup of your employees' split bill
  • Copying user information on any new devices
  • Configuration of the devices for e-mail use
  • Training about certain features, such as e-mail use

Flawless conversion of smartphone fleet

When the Flemish Environmental Agency decided to renew a fleet of more than eight hundred smartphones, Proximus Mobile Managed Services offered the perfect solution. Mobitel, our partner, was responsible for taking care of everything.