Order 0800 and 078 numbers

Special or service numbers

  • Unique and easy to remember
  • Operational within 48 hours
  • Order online

Marketing numbers

Order your 0800 or 078 marketing number online in just a few clicks. It will be operational within 48 hours.

The number is virtual and will be linked to an existing fixed or mobile number. Without any additional investment, you can manage the routing of calls to this number based on opening hours, call origin, language, etc. to offer the best customer interactions.

0800 & 078 numbers

0800 xx xxx

  • For services and information
  • Free of charge for the caller, all costs at your own expense
  • Accessible from Belgium

078 xx xx xx

  • For services and information
  • Caller pays national rate from Belgium
  • Accessible from Belgium and abroad

070 & 090x numbers

General information, games, contests & other leisure services such as adult services

Proximus can act as a "collecting operator" for any service you wish to offer via 070 or 090x numbers. However, these numbers are subject to a code of conduct(PDF, 1MB). Each type of service is linked to a certain type of number and a specific rate.

Retribution model

In accordance with the applicable laws and the code of conduct, you will receive the collected amounts from all Belgian callers. These amounts are determined between all Belgian operators, regardless of the call volume.


  • You will be charged for using the Proximus platform that makes this collection possible and for routing the calls.
  • Different rates are applicable depending on the type and volume of usage generated.

Need more information about rates and possibilities?

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  • 0800 Marketing Numbers (FR/NL) (PDF 150Kb, 81Kb)
  • 078 Marketing Numbers (FR/NL) (PDF 100Kb, 100kb)