Enterprise Guest WiFi

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Safe and GDPR compliant
Competitive advantage
Dashboard with visitors information

Optimal customer experience

Give your customers free access to a secure Wi-Fi network

Look up something quickly, send an e-mail or even compare prices

Your Wi-Fi network is separated from the visitors network

Possibility to block other websites

Proximus is responsible for the surfing behavior of the visitor

Personalized access screen with your company logo

Ideal for shops, the catering industry, public spaces and events


Customer privacy is always guaranteed because there is no use of personal data.

Optimal customer experience
Super easy to use

Super easy to use

Cloud-based so quick to install

Easy customer registration via text message

One-time activation for existing customers or when a customer enters another branch

Consumer behavior in Belgium


look online first, before making a purchase


compare prices in a shop with those of other suppliers


made an online purchase in 2017

Better visitor insight

We offer you a dashboard so you can find out which visitor profiles have surfed on your network, without naming them individually.

You receive information about:

  • Visited pages
  • Customer profiles (male, female, age, place of residence, etc.)
  • Number of surfers on your network
  • New and existing users
Better visitor insight