Electronic Smart Labels (ESL)

  • Automated price adjustments
  • Accurate stock data
  • Low energy consumption

Correct prices all the time

No more paper price labels on your shelves. From now on, you can adjust the prices on your digital labels as well as those in your accounting and warehouse applications at the touch of a button.

The technology can be used in a wide variety of sectors. Our Proximus NXT experts take care of the installation and maintenance.

How Electronic Smart Labels works?

It is a system that makes prices and other data visible from a central database via IoT technology. This IoT technology uses WiFi RF (combination of WiFi and/or radio frequencies). You can link the electronic labels directly to your ERP/CRM environment.

Proximus NXT, the digital labels specialist

Electronic labels can be used in a wide variety of sectors and make the difference in a competitive world where the right data needs to be visible at the right time.


Update prices centrally

  • Ease of use: update your prices where and when you want from any device
  • Real-time promotion management: change prices at any time with a simple push of a button
  • Different locations: central management and synchronization of prices between your point of sales
  • Inform and advise: QR codes offer the possibility to inform your customers or provide access to promotional material


Optimal stock management

  • Up-to-date: you, as well as the order picker, are always aware of the stock levels
  • Color codes: you can indicate via color codes whether a product is running out or give special instructions for specific categories
  • Mobile scanning: mobile scanning reduces the number of errors and helps the order picker work more efficiently
  • Synchronization:  avoid discrepancies between actual stock and displayed quantities


Monitoring assembly lines

  • Location-specific data: delivering the right product to the right place in your factory is important for improving productivity
  • Assembly tracking: smart labels can be used to track material boxes and assembly line completion rates
  • Temperature and humidity: the labels can be equipped with sensors that monitor the temperature and humidity in different places in the factory.
  • Real-time instructions: a team leader can give instructions and obtain real-time productivity data

Hotels and meeting rooms

Link rooms and meeting rooms to your reservation system

  • Fully automatic: no more manual adjustments. You can link the smart labels and room reservation devices to your ERP program
  • Customer-friendly: depending on your business and needs, the system is fully customizable to display the necessary texts and images
  • QR codes: a QR code or NFC allows you to make bookings or obtain information about a room, such as the booked dates/times/number of participants and open time slots
  • Online synchronization: the smart labels fit perfectly within the hybrid workplace where online and offline are synchronized in no time

How to switch to Electronic Smart Labels?

Every company is unique and that is why we work with you step-by-step towards developing a custom solution

  1. During the auditNew window, we listen to your ambitions and discuss the benefits that ESL can offer you.

Why choose Proximus NXT?

For Electronic Smart Labels (ESL), Proximus NXT works together SES Imagotag, a world leader in the field of ESL, and with PDi Digital. In addition to ESL, we offer a lot more interesting ICT solutions, such as IT staffing, security, data and cloud solutions.

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Smart electronic labels enhance shoppers' experience at Bierhalle.

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