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Accessing applications via the Internet

Proximus works together with more than 250 Application Service Providers (ASPs). Together we offer you access to various applications and related services via the Internet. This way of working offers interesting advantages:

  • Rapid rollout in your company
  • No installation of technical infrastructure required
  • Technical support from your partner

Customer story

Data analysis makes Bebat's collection network smarter. A large-scale IoT project in cooperation with Unitron Connect allows for smoother management of the battery collection points and makes the entire logistics process more efficient.

Our partners

We help you realise your projects in cooperation with one of our 250 ASP partners.

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All-Connects has been the specialist in track & trace, asset management, protection and IoT since 2002. It is important to us that we stay true to our Belgian roots. That’s why we consciously choose to develop our software in Belgium, and make sure that it is in line with Belgian legislation per sector. Although our team is small, we possess a great bundle of knowledge and expertise. Our goal is to develop innovative solutions that can help you grow. Connect with us!


Aloxy offers modular Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for the process and chemical industry. Their goal is to improve safety and efficiency, to automate processes and to deliver actionable insights into industrial operations. Aloxy’s initial product-line offers a solution for manual valve position monitoring.


Bump offers companies tailor-made support to optimize the management of their vehicles, teams and equipment. Thanks to innovative geolocation technology, our solutions help to reduce costs and improve company performance. With nearly 2,000 customers, bump has become a true local partner in 20 years, essential to the productivity of companies, offering a first-class customer experience.

Cavagna Group

For more than 70 years, the Cavagna Group has been a global leader providing advanced, integrated solutions for the control, regulation, metering and storage of compressed gas (gas for energy, alternative fuel gases, medical gases, industrial gases, cryogenic gases and specialty gases).


Cennox support the world’s leading brands to deliver their complex projects. We thrive in demonstrating real end-to-end solutions, tailor-made to meet the needs of our clients. From nationwide installation services and technical hardware provision, to implementing security solutions, signage projects and branch transformation, Cennox improves our client's project cost efficiencies, provides choice and delivers products and ongoing services to enhance the operations of their business.

CLICKEY solutions

CLICKEY solutions is a product development company that optimizes business processes and provides solutions to control, monitor, secure and even retrieve assets. The smart, often custom-made, IoT (Internet of Things) solutions are directly applicable and seamlessly integrate with existing processes and systems. Using our own team of hardware, software and design specialists, we are able to translate the your needs into a perfectly working IoT solution.

CLICKEY solutions delivers working IoT solutions that facilitate and improve business processes and all this without expensive subscriptions, large batteries and complex IT modifications.


ConXioN accompanies and inspires its customers before, during their digital transformation journey. This is done on many levels like infrastructure, software applications, security, cloud, connectivity and mobility, printing and managed services. This is achieved by setting up strong partnerships that make it possible for ConXIoN to keep pioneering with regards to IT innovation and research.

Crodeon Technologies

Crodeon Technologies is a leading manufacturer of plug & play end-to-end monitoring systems. The company's main product, the Crodeon Reporter, is a generic sensor module for indoor and outdoor use, with a real-time cellular cloud connection.


Dapesco is a leading solution provider in Energy Monitoring Solutions. With worldwide customers such as Auchan, Cofely,Vinci, Hospitals, Airports and more than 10.000 other public buildings, Dapesco has become a key success factor for decision makers in Energy Management. Dapesco's solution includes both technical, financial and environmental aspects of energy (electricity, gas, fuel, water,…).

Diehl Metering

Diehl Metering provides smart metering solutions to utilities companies through the intelligent networking of various metering devices into larger data platforms. These solutions offer transparency for utilities and municipalities, and enable considerably increased efficiency in reading, billing and service processes. Diehl Metering’s customers are also able to benefit from real-time effects such as early recognition of leaks and the optimization of distribution networks through intelligent information regarding prompt adjustment of the offer to suit actual needs.

DSC Security Systems

DSC Security Systems, supplies and installs security systems and services. Its products include alarms systems, access control systems, cameras solutions (CCTV) ,systems fire solutions, (ATK) autotracking systems and telescopic surveillance of video-thermal protection for construction site space.

Easy Payment Services

Easy Payment Services acts as a professional intermediary on the financial services market in the Benelux. This in POS as well as through E-commerce and M-Pos solutions. We offer our clients various solutions in the payment area such as payment terminals, card processing, VAT refunds for non-EU tourists and so on.