4G quality

Connected everywhere

  • Stay connected everywhere thanks to 4G
  • Even in tunnels
  • Also inside

4G everywhere and the first 5G network in Belgium

4G Outdoor

The Proximus 4G network covers 99.9% of the Belgian population and we are deploying the first 5G network in Belgium.

The best 4G-coverage

Deep Indoor

Coverage not only behind the window of your office, but also at the spot within the building where you really use your mobile device every day1.

The best 4G-coverage

Even where you don't expect it

Top reception in tunnels

Be reachable everywhere without interruptions. We provide a top reception in the main tunnels, the Brussels small ring and the Antwerp Kennedy tunnel.

Also inside

The increasingly stringent insulation requirements make new office buildings almost impenetrable for mobile signals. Yet there are solutions.

Customer stories


"This perfect mobile coverage will make it possible to collect data via IoT, so we can carry out preventive and predictive maintenance."
Martijn Mennen, CIO at Agristo


"We make sure that the people in command receive the camera images from the drone on site in real time. That way, they can always take an accurate decision based on real-time data."
CEO Tom De Jaeger at Tersec

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  1. Belgian Institute of Postal Services and Telecommunications

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