MyProximus app

MyProximus app

MyProximus, who is it for?

MyProximus app

MyProximus is a free downloadable application available for all customers with a Proximus subscription using a smartphone or a tablet (with a SIM card).

Download the mobile app MyProximus and enjoy a multitude of services in your hand, wherever you are

  • Follow your usage (minutes, text messages, MB) and check your credit balance.
  • Check your products and options.
  • Consult roaming tariffs (tariffs from abroad).
  • Get help, test your line and the network status.
  • Receive personalized advice tailored to your use and better enjoy your subscriptions and Proximus services.
  • Save points and exchange them for gifts thanks to Bizz Club.
  • Find the nearest Proximus Center

How to install MyProximus?

  1. Download MyProximus from your smartphone or tablet on Google Play™ Store, Apple App Store or Windows Phone Store. 
  2. Click the MyProximus icon on your device to open the application.
  3. You don't need a login or password: our network will identify your device and phone number!

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Is it free?

Each time you use MyProximus, you are connecting to the Internet and this leads to data consumption. The rate for surfing via 3G/4G depends on your price plan (surfing via a Wi-Fi network is free).

Please note: you need to connect to a 3G/4G network (in Belgium or abroad) when you first use MyProximus and at least one time each month in order to be identified by the application and get your information. After identification via the 3G/4G network, your information can be updated via your Wi-Fi connection.

MyProximus app

MyProximus from abroad

MyProximus app

MyProximus also works while you're abroad.

  • You can use it for free if you surf via a Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi Fon hotspot, but you'll only see the information downloaded when last connected with 3G/4G, which is just fine to consult roaming tariff for example.
  • Connecting through a 3G/4G connection is chargeable.
  • Better to check the tariffs ahead or to activate one of our data volume option.