Service Line Pro

29.33 /month + installation

Service Line Pro

Stay connected in case of power outage

A telephone line on battery

Do you have a telephone line in your elevator or is your alarm connected to your telephone line? In case of a power failure, a traditional line will not work anymore, which can be very damaging.

The Service Line Pro is equipped with a battery that takes over for 2 hours in case of power failure. It ensures the proper functioning of the following services:

  • Your alarm system
  • The surveillance line
  • The payment terminal
  • The elevator line

The complete solution

Thanks to the battery and the monitoring service, your lines will remain active at all times!

  • Battery included
  • Monitoring
  • Up to 8 lines
  • Unlimited national calls

30.99 /month
Installation: €83.76

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Service Line: our alternative without monitoring, for 1 or 2 lines

The advantages of Service Line Pro

Battery Backup

With a 2-hour battery backup, your service stays connected and operational, even in case of power failure.


In case of a power failure or line problem, you will receive an email warning and action will be automatically taken if necessary.

Up to 8 lines

Do you need more than one line? A Proximus technician will come and install your Service Box on which you can connect up to 8 lines.

Frequently asked questions

A Proximus technician will come to the site to perform the installation and the various tests.

If you are not yet connected to the fiber, it is preferable to wait until the installation of fiber is effective in your business before proceeding with the installation of the Service Line Pro.

Once you have made an appointment for the installation of fiber, it will be necessary to make a second appointment for the installation of the product. The Service Line Pro requires technical expertise, and therefore a second technician will need to come to your building to perform the installation.

You can contact our business customer service at 0800 55 500, Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm.

The installation of the Service Line Pro is necessary if you use a telephone line for your alarm, your elevator emergency call system or for your payment terminal. In the event of a power outage or electricity problem, your line will be deactivated. The Service Line Pro allows you to keep your systems active thanks to a 2-hour battery life. In addition, a monitoring system will allow you to keep an eye on the status of your battery via your mailbox.

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