Increase your stability and speed with fiber

Free installation
Upgrade to fiber
Upgrade to fiber

Why go for fiber?

Ultra stable connection

Even with colleagues working online simultaneously, all your devices – bancontact terminal included - will continue to work perfectly. Your internet stability will remain untouched.

Superfast Internet

Your internet speed will go up to 1Gbps, that’s 10 times faster than other internet connections!

Future proof

Continued investment in the fiber network ensures that the bandwidth requirements of new technologies are kept up to date.

What to expect for the installation of fiber?

  • A technician will come to your building to install fiber. As soon as your fiber cables are in your office, they are connected to your modem and your fiber is activated.
  • Our technicians work with you to determine the best set-up before they start their work.
  • You can continue to enjoy your internet connection during most of the installation. It will only be interrupted for a few minutes.

WiFi tip

During the installation, the technician will check your WiFi set up and suggest optimizations based on the specific situation of your building.

Other questions about fiber?

As a tenant, all you have to do is submit your request to Proximus. The landlord cannot oppose the choice of operator, nor the installation of fiber at the request of the tenant. We nevertheless advise you to inform the landlord.

In a building in co-ownership, all owners will normally have already been notified of the arrival of fiber in the building through the general assembly or by the syndic/building manager.

Faster and more stable, fiber is also more environmentally friendly. It uses up to 12 times less energy to send data than your current copper cable! Switching to fiber makes sense for the environment and the climate.

Fiber consists of glass made from silicon dioxide, the most abundant element on earth after oxygen. It is found in sand, clay, rocks and even water. Its mining is not harmful to the environment.

Compared to copper, the production of fiber has a small environmental footprint: 0.06 kg of CO2 for glass fiber compared with 1000 kg for 2 kg of copper wire (used for your current connection).

Finally, Proximus recycles up to 500 tonnes of copper per year to give it a second life.

Other questions about fiber

Free installation: installation by a technician offered with each activation of a Fiber pack.

Fixed internet speed: the actual speed experienced depends on the computer system, but also in exceptional cases, on general use. Your surfing speed may also be slower, while using Wi-Fi. Go to to discover the surfing speed in your home.

The download speed of 1 Gbps can only be obtained with a fixed device directly connected to the modem.

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