Is fiber available?

Is fiber available?

Why choosing Fiber?

A stable and superfast internet connection

Surf, stream and work without interruption no matter how many persons or devices are connected simultaneously. You can even enhance the speed up to 500/50 Mbps.

An added value for your company

With fiber you get the technology of the future into your business and you are ready to get started with the applications of tomorrow.

The sharpest image on all your screens

Keep all your channels and enjoy a ultra high definition resolution on all your screens.

Free connection and activation

One of our technicians will come by, free of charge (for a maximum value of €1550), to install fiber and to activate your products (Bizz All-In or Bizz Office Fiber).

Wow, ultra-high-speed Internet!

With fiber you benefit from speeds of up to 250 Mbps for downloads and 30 Mbps for uploads, without any lags or interruptions. You even have the opportunity to increase these speeds to up to 500/50 Mbps with the Fiber Boost 500/50 option, which is compatible with our Bizz All-In and Bizz Office Fiber packs.

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Internet speed: the actual speed experienced by the customer depends on the computer system but also, in exceptional cases, of general use.

1. Numbers based on a fiber connection speed of 500 Mbps. Fiber Boost Option only compatible with Bizz All-in or Bizz Office Fiber.

2. Numbers based on an copper/VDSL connection speed of 70 Mbps.


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