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Is fiber available?

What exactly is fiber?

Fiber is the technology of the future. The fiber cables transmit data over long distances at the speed of light and thus offer many advantages. To ensure you the best possible performance, Proximus installs fiber at the heart of your home or business, unlike most other operators.


Wow, ultra-high-speed Internet!

Enjoy speeds of up to 350 Mbps in download and up to 50 Mbps in upload without delay or interruption with our Fiber packs. Want more? The Bizz Fiber Boost 1 GIGA option gives you amazing speeds of up to 1 GIGA per second in download and up to 150 Mbps in upload.

Fiber 1 GIGA per seconde
12 sec

Fiber 350 Mbps
35 sec

Copper 70 Mbps
2 min 56

Fiber 1 GIGA per second
42 sec

Fiber 350 Mbps
2 min

Copper 70 Mbps
10 min

More info on speed increase

Why choose fiber?

Surf and share your files with colleagues and customers faster than ever. With fiber, your patience is no more at risk.

Uploading or downloading large files, in a fiberbusiness this can be done without interruptions, even if everyone is online at the same time.

Wether on your TV, tablet or smartphone, in a fiberbusiness you won't miss a single detail.

In the future, more and more appliances will be connected to the Internet. With fiber to your business, this evolution will be child's play.

Free connection and activation

One of our technicians will come by, free of charge, to install Fiber and to activate your products (Bizz All-In or Bizz Office Fiber).

Value of the installation: €286 excl. VAT

For companies located in zonings, however, the maximum value of the installation covered by Proximus is €1550 excl. VAT. Valid for each activation of a Bizz All-in Fiber or Bizz Office Fiber pack. If you opt for an Internet Fiber + mobile + TV pack or Internet Fiber on its own, an installation fee of €48.76 excl. VAT will be billed for a new installation.

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Fixed internet speed: the actual speed experienced depends on the computer system, but also in exceptional cases, on general use. Your surfing speed may also be slower, while using Wi-Fi. Go to to discover the surfing speed in your home.
The download speed of 1 GIGA per second can only be obtained with a fixed device directly connected to the modem.

Why choose fiber for your business?

Equip your business with optical fiber and reach speeds of up to 350 Mbps in download and up to 50 Mbps in upload without breakdown or slowing down to be able to work, surf, stream and send documents without interruption. Need more? Our Bizz Fiber Boost 1 GIGA option will increase your connection speeds up to 1 GIGA per second in download and up to 150 Mbps in upload.

Optical fiber is increasingly convincing professionals and companies throughout Belgium. Here are just some of the advantages of optical fiber for your business:

  • Fiber offers a superfast internet connection
  • Fiber offers a very stable internet connection
  • Fiber allows seamless communication by videoconferencing
  • Fiber increases the quality of group activities (e.g. Cloud)
  • Fiber also represents a commitment to quality for your company

Where is fiber available?

Fiber is currently being deployed in several major cities in Belgium: Aalst, Antwerpen-Diamant, Antwerpen-East, Antwerpen-West, Brussels-Anspach, Charleroi, Deurne, Evere, Ghent, Hasselt, Knokke-Heist, Kortrijk, La Louvière, Leuven, Liège, Mechelen, Namur, Ostend, Roeselare , Sint Niklaas, Uccle and Vilvoorde.

The objective is to provide an ultra-fast and stable network, capable of easily absorbing the data traffic that will continue to grow in the years to come.

Work is also planned in the following cities: Etterbeek, Molenbeek, Koekelberg, Ixelles, Schaerbeek and Anderlecht.

Is fiber coming to my city?


Up to 1 GIGA per second for €15/month

Our fiber network is now upgraded with amazing speeds of up to 1 GIGA per second in download and up to 150 Mbps in upload. This Bizz Fiber Boost 1 GIGA option is only compatible with our Bizz All-in and Bizz Office Fiber packs.

Ideal to download big presentations or software, work together in real time, share big files, etc.


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